Garden Delight Nectarine Tree (Persica var. nucipersica ‘Garden Delight’)

Garden Delight Nectarine Tree

  • Large Smooth Skinned Fruit
  • Red Kissed Yellow Nectarines
  • Super Sweet Flavor with Hints of Orange
  • Freestone Fruit
  • Self-Fruitful
  • Late Season Harvest
  • Convenient Dwarf Size
  • Spring Display of Blossoms
  • Fragrant Double Bright Pink Flowers
  • Calls Pollinators Galore
  • Fantastic in Containers
  • Canning, Preserves, Fresh Eating & Desserts
  • Colder Zones Can Bring Indoors
  • Heavy Bearing
  • 500-600 Chill Hours

Garden Delight Nectarine (Persica var nucipersica ‘Garden Delight’) is a dwarf, fruiting tree that fits almost anywhere! Perfect for small landscapes, it’s also a container plant for your patio.

In early spring, this tree is covered with hot-pink double blooms. You’ll want to get close to enjoy the terrific fragrance and study the contrast of the bright pink petals and the dark centers. And so will your pollinators as they flock to these incredibly scented pompoms of beauty!

For the rest of the growing season, you’ll appreciate dense, green foliage that fills out this lovely tree. Perfect as a pretty screen during the summer months and pin-point shade around patios and balconies.

Then comes a late-season harvest. Get ready for it, there will be a lot of fruit to enjoy and share! Just as its name implies, the taste of these Nectarines is delightful! Garden Delight Nectarines are large, freestone fruits with a red-kissed, yellow skin and a sweet, orange-like flavor.

Enjoy the refreshing sumptuous fruit straight from the tree, or added to world cuisine dishes and desserts. Excellent for canning your extra bounty, you’ll have blue ribbon-winning jams and jelly, chutney and other preserves! Slice in half and grill with your shrimp and chicken so the fire will bring out the sugars and caramelize them, increasing the amazing flavor even more!

This is a high-yielding tree that will produce large-sized fruit. Save space, and grow full-size fruit without sacrificing any space in your landscape! Easily grown in containers, patios or tuck into existing gardens!

How to Use Garden Delight Nectarine Tree In The Landscape

Garden Delight are container-ready trees! Balcony, Patio and Container gardeners can all enjoy this versatile space-saver and its wonderful fruit! Any deep planter or pot on a porch or terrace is just fine for these 5-6 foot tall lovelies! Even Rooftop gardeners can enjoy fresh Nectarines!

The perfect size for Herb and Kitchen gardens these cast pin-point shade over your other smaller plants to protect them from the sun.

Readily tucking into existing home landscapes or established orchards, any size yard can accommodate their own Nectarine! Courtyards and postage stamp properties can grow their own delightful harvest!

Plant a row along your driveway or property edges for lovely definition and privacy. Boost curb appeal by adorning your front yard with a gorgeous little ornamental tree! Pulling double duty as a flowering ornamental as well as a fruit-producing workhorse! The spring flowers, fantastic foliage and juicy fruit are wonderful as specimens and accents!

Highlight a circle drive with a flowering tree or welcome guests with these planted at either side of your door! Stand a pair at the entrance to your drive, the start of a pathway or to welcome guests as they approach your front steps with these lovely sentries in ornamental deep pots.

Great in hedgerows with other dwarf Nectarine or other dwarf fruit trees for privacy that adds definition to your property. We’re sure your neighbors won’t mind being hidden by this view (especially if you share some of your harvest)! Plant one as an anchor to a Perennial bed as a delicious accent! Accent the corner of your home’s foundation planting, or give it a place of honor as a specimen.

Plant on a berm to highlight the lovely blooms in spring or tuck into your side garden. Plant a few along your patio to enjoy with your morning coffee, or near your seating areas where you can eat a juicy morsel right off the tree in between pages of your book!

Growing your own tree means you control what goes into and onto it! Organic gardening is easy with a small tree that’s easy to maintain!

Tips For Care

This tree is heavy-bearing, so you can be assured of a large, juicy harvest each year! Because Garden Delight Nectarine is a dwarf tree, it’s very easy to manage and simple to protect from unexpected frosts.

Hardy in USDA growing zones 6-9, you can move it indoors, onto an enclosed patio, or into a greenhouse with ease for gardeners in the colder zones 4 – 8.

Plant in a full sun location with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. Favoring the drying power of the morning sun, these trees really shine in the brightest light possible!

Select a site with a sandy-loam medium and provide fertile, rich and well-drained soil. A generous layer of mulch helps retain soil moisture as well as insulate the root system from heat and chill.

Water consistently, especially when in pots or containers, and maintain an average, yet consistent moisture level throughout the growing season. Container-grown trees do require proper drainage holes.

Prune to keep an open canopy for sunlight and airflow to reach the interior of the tree. Read more in our Garden Blog on Fruit Tree Planting, Fruit Tree Pruning and Fruit Tree Success!

Garden Delight is self-fruiting, so get just one if you like! As always, you’ll get a larger bumper crop with two. You’ll probably want more than one after trying this exceptional Nectarine variety, anyway! With a space-saving size like this, you’ll have no guilt about planting an entire row or orchard of dwarf fruit trees like Garden Delight!

Garden Delight Nectarine Tree (Persica var. nucipersica ‘Garden Delight’) Details

Common name Garden Delight Nectarine Tree
Botanical name Persica var. nucipersica 'Garden Delight'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 6-9
Growth rate Medium
Harvest time 3 - 5 years
Height 5 - 6 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Widely Adaptable
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Late Winter
Flower color Hot Pink