Geum Blazing Sunset (Geum flore plena ‘Blazing Sunset’)

Geum Blazing Sunset

Get ready to rethink groundcovers! Could you ever imagine a petite, spreading plant with this much “Wow!” factor? The Blazing Sunset Geum (Geum flore plena ‘Blazing Sunset’) will impress you with her brilliant temptress-red petticoats of ruffled, double petals in super-saturated bright scarlet!

Twice as large as regular Geum, the bold blooms stand up and out from the rest! Even after they’ve faded, the durable, deeply lobed foliage provides an attractive accent and wonderful foil for the long-stemmed, dainty full blooms!

Both pretty and rugged, this improved modern cultivar spreads nicely to fill in bare spots or holes in your garden beds and continues to bloom over a very long period from late spring into summer. This compact perennial makes everyone in your family happy throughout USDA growing zones 5 to 9 and is wonderfully space-saving at around 2 feet tall in bloom and spreading 12 – 18 inches

Planting and Application:

Thriving in the sun or part shade, Geum are versatile little perennials! Tuck them into place under your favorite flowering ornamental tree from our extensive online collection and “push the easy button” for a lovely landscape focal point. Geum will have plenty of nectar-rich blooms for the essential pollinators and pretty butterflies in your neighborhood while also adding darling long-stemmed brilliance to bouquets. This is a must-have to use near the edge of a Butterfly Garden and Cut Flower border!

Trust us, this juicy selection is a conversation starter! Why not run a vibrant scarlet band of color in your patio planting bed or pot a few up in urns around your entertainment areas outdoors? Blazing Sunset Geum is incredibly cute in an outdoor garden container as the main attraction or try a trio of pots with the other Butterfly-friendly red flowers for a happy salutation for your guests to exclaim over!

  • Brilliant Saturated Red Double Blooms
  • Great-Looking Textured Foliage
  • Perfect Cut Flowers for Indoor Arrangements
  • Excellent Resource for Essential Bees and Butterflies
  • Springtime Flower Power with Rebloom Through Summer

Tips for Care:

Fast and vigorous growers, Perennial Geum thrives in both full sun and partial shade in an enriched and mulched garden bed that is very well-drained. Provide moderate moisture consistently throughout the summers and in the heat. Deadhead to keep blooms returning and clean the mounds in the fall after the foliage has yellowed for best results.

  • No Fade Color in Full Sun or Partial Shade
  • Adaptable to a Variety of Well-Drained Soils & Conditions
  • Herbaceous Perennial – Evergreen in Warm Climates
  • Urban Environment Tolerant & Shrugs Off Heat & Humidity
  • Very Easy to Grow & Deer and Rabbits Leave it Alone

Add a seductive charmer to your garden this year with the bold and beautiful Blazing Sunset Geum!

Geum Blazing Sunset (Geum flore plena ‘Blazing Sunset’) Details

Common name Geum Blazing Sunset
Botanical name Geum flore plena 'Blazing Sunset'
Plant type Perennial
Hardiness zone 5-9
Growth rate Fast
Height 2 ft.
Width 12 - 18 inches
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Foliage Yellows
Flower color Scarlet