Golden Creeping Jenny

  • Easy Care
  • Gorgeous
  • Softens Edges
  • Handles Light Foot Traffic

Rock walls can sometimes seem a bit forbidding, but luckily, we have an easy way for you to soften the look quickly. Golden Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’) is a fast-growing, super bright, lime green colored ground cover that creates a thick, colorful carpet of flowers and greenery. Bright yellow blooms add a ton of interest in mid-June.

Also known as Moneywort because of it’s coin shaped leaves, Creeping Jenny does best in wet or shallow/rocky soil. It grows easily in humus-rich soil that is well-drained, so use this as a fabulous “spiller” in a container.

This yellow variety is far less invasive than the species. However, if you want to use it around a pond, it’s advised that you place a physical barrier, such as digging a trench and lining it with a sheet of barrier plastic – just like you would do before planting bamboo.

Let Creeping Jenny ‘Aurea’ do its thing in big, spare yards with plenty of bare spots. Every plant serves a purpose, and this is such a pretty plant, with cute little round leaves and a real pop of chartreuse color and cheery yellow blooms.