Governor Mouton Camellia

Striking Red and White Variegated Blooms in Winter!

  • Huge 4 to 5 inch Semi-Double Flowers
  • Low Maintenance Flowering Evergreen
  • Makes a Colorful Hedge or Privacy Screen
  • Cold Hardy to a 6b!

Large variegated red and white semi-double blooms in winter and shiny deep green foliage year-round make this gorgeous camellia stand out in your landscape. With little to no maintenance you can enjoy blooms year after year with the stunning and cold hardy Governor Mouton camellia.

Key Features

Governor Mouton Camellia Care

Be sure to choose an appropriate location for your Camellia.

Planting Time: Plant any time of the year taking care to avoid temperature extremes on either end of the spectrum. 

Sun: Part sun to part shade

Soil: Fertile, acidic, moist, but well drained

Water: When newly planted, water deeply at least twice weekly. Camellias prefer a moist soil, but are drought tolerant once established.

Fertilizer: Feed your camellia a slow release fertilizer in early spring.  If your soil is nutrient weak or your plant hasn’t grown or flowered well in previous years fertilize again in early fall. If your soil needs an acidic boost Espoma HollyTone fertilizer is a good choice.

Mulch: Mulching is a great way to keep the roots cool, soil moist, and add nutrients to the soil. We recommend using about 2 inches of mulch covering the entire root zone.

Pruning: Prune after flowering if needed to remove dead and dying branches or correct aesthetic or structural issues

Landscape ideas
The Governor Mouton camellia can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your landscape. This winter blooming stunner adds color when the landscape tends to be dull and barren. This makes it an ideal specimen or focal shrub. The size and spread of this camellia and its evergreen foliage make it perfect for a unique privacy screen.