Green Mile Magnolia

This is a unique magnolia in that it’s got a strict upright habit, growing skinny and tall. It’s especially distinctive and an ideal specimen. The fragrance is also a huge draw, both the blooms and the crushed leaves have this refreshing lemon scent. It’ll be unmissable experience through sunny summer afternoons. The foliage will hang on through most seasons, and in certain climates it’ll last year-round. In late fall, bright red fruit will appear, drawing the attention of smaller birds. Even the seedpods are showy. Green Mile is handy in a marshy site, it has good wet soil tolerance. Magnolia virginiana ‘MVHH’
  • Botanical Name:

    Magnolia virginiana ‘MVHH’

  • Form:
  • Sun Exposure:
    Full Sun, Partial Shade
  • Height/Habit:
    25 – 30 feet
  • Spread:
    15 – 20 feet
  • Spacing:
    15 – 20 feet
  • Hardiness Zone:
  • Flowering Date:
  • Planting Instructions:
    Select a location protected from high winds.
  • Winter Care:
    Apply a winter mulch, after the ground freezes, for its first winter. Remove the mulch in early spring, before new growth emerges.
  • Growth Rate:
  • Flower Color:
  • Flower Form:
    Cup-shaped, sweetly fragrant (lemony),waxy flowers (2-3″ diameter)
  • Foliage Type:
    Oblong-lanceolate shiny green foliage is silvery beneath. Holds foliage well into winter, possibly evergreen depending on climate.
  • Pruning:
    Prune to desired shape and to remove dead and broken branches after flowering.
  • Soil Requirement:
    Prefers moist, rich, organic soils, but, unlike most other magnolias, tolerates wet, boggy soils.
  • Additional Information:
    Cone-like fruits with bright red seeds mature in fall and can be showy.
    Upright form is attractive variation on the species.