Grey Dogwood

Looking for an attractive shrub that can withstand difficult growing conditions? Look no further than Grey Twig Dogwood.

This deciduous shrub is a standout in any yard thanks to its unique features. The twigs are a beautiful grey color, creating a striking contrast with the red new growth. The foliage is equally stunning, with elegant lance-shaped leaves in a grey-green hue that turns to dusky purple and red in the fall.

In late spring, clusters of white flowers appear, eventually giving way to red-stemmed berries that provide a decorative touch throughout the winter months.

Grey Twig Dogwood can reach heights of 10-15 feet with an equal spread, but can be easily pruned to any size. It’s adaptable to poor soils, heat, and drought, making it an ideal choice for challenging growing conditions. However, it can also thrive in moist or rocky locations.

If you’re looking for a hardy, ornamental shrub to add some beauty to your yard, Grey Twig Dogwood is an excellent choice. It’s especially valuable for those problem areas where other plants struggle to grow. Add a Grey Twig Dogwood to your landscape today and enjoy the rewards of a truly exceptional and hardy shrub.

* Decorative foliage and twig color
* Spring flowers and fall fruit
* Hardy
* Wildlife interest