Haden Mango Tree (Mangifera indica Haden’)

Haden Mango Tree

#1 choice for home orchards, the Haden Mango Tree (Mangifera indica ‘Haden’) has beautiful fruit that’s most definitely part of its appeal. Bright red blush over bright apricot-yellow skin with hints of orange!

The fruit grows 4 – 6 inches long and can weigh up to 24-oz. The skin is thick and tough to protect the delectable interior, and the wonderful flesh of the Haden is the real prize! The bright yellowish-orange pulp is both beautiful and inviting. One bite reveals a juicy, rich flavor that’s syrupy sweet!

The clusters of small white to pink blooms cover the tree in the spring and the wonderful multi-colored fruit finishes up the season in the late summer.

Planting and Application:

Haden is a beautiful evergreen with long narrow leaves and an open rounded canopy. Often used as a focal point, a screen or a small evergreen shade tree in the tropical garden!

Mangos make a great container plant but need a large pot to be successful.

  • Pink & white spring blooms & late summer harvest
  • Highly prized ornamental landscaping specimen tree
  • Attractive red blushed apricot skin & orangy flesh
  • Rich, syrupy sweet pulp
  • Smooth texture & some fiber around the pit

Tips for Care:

The Mango tree is a sub-tropical fruit tree that requires a frost-free climate to thrive. Young trees are particularly sensitive to the cold and can die from sustained colds below 30 degrees. Protection for young trees should be a part of your plan.

Plant Haden in a full sun location in soil that drains exceptionally well. Mangos are adapted to a wide range of soils, including rocky, sandy and clay soils. This tree needs to be grown on the dry side. Often it is recommended to decrease watering at least 2 months before flowering and resume regular watering after the fruit sets.

  • Drought tolerant – Low water needs once established – let soil dry out between waterings
  • Prune to any size – prune as single trunk tree, or keep lower branches for a bush-form
  • Mangos are heavy feeders – benefit from being fertilized at least 3 times a year
  • Mulch 3-4 inches deep, 3 feet outside the canopy – keeps surface roots cool in summer & reduces surface evaporation

Beautiful from canopy to roots, the Haden Mango Tree is one dynamic landscape presentation! You’ll love the flavor, productivity and ornamental appeal of this wonderful tree.

Haden Mango Tree (Mangifera indica Haden’) Details

Common name Haden Mango Tree
Botanical name Mangifera indica Haden'
Plant type Evergreen
Hardiness zone 9-11
Growth rate Medium
Harvest time 3 - 5 Years
Height 20 - 30 ft.
Width 14 - 16 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Low
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Fruiting
Flower color Pink & White