Haralred Apple Tree (Malus x ‘Lautz’)

Haralred Apple Tree

  • Remarkable Red Round Apples
  • Dense Crown of Green Foliage
  • Grows Enough To Share
  • Mid-to-Late Season Harvest
  • Darling Spring Apple Blossoms
  • A Pollinator Favorite
  • Use in Pies, Turnovers, and Other Recipes
  • Loves Basking in Full Sun
  • Fruit Stays Fresh for Months
  • Extremely Cold Hardy

Red, round, and ready to call your garden “home.” This remarkable apple variety is an excellent choice as a first apple tree planting or as an addition to your home orchard or existing apple tree stand. The Haralred® Apple (Malus x ‘Lautz’) is a reliable producer with brilliant, vivid, and delicious fruit.

If you’re looking for enough apples to share with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and anybody else you can think of in-need of fresh fruit, the Haralred, sport from the Haralson, is a brilliant choice.

Haralred Apples are prized for their use in pies and other cooked recipes. These tasty apples have milky-white flesh and deep red peels. These are some of the richest red apples you can grow. They are also large for homegrown apples. They color deeply and often develop sunshine-yellow freckles and hints of golden blushing.

These ruby-red apples form round orbs that look picture-perfect when they ripen. As for its flavor, the Haralred® Apple is tart, extremely juicy, and firm. When you bite into one of these crisp apples, you will hear that characteristic snap and enjoy a gush of sweet juice.

How many apples can you expect once your Haralred Apple reaches maturity? You can expect enough to fill up multiple baskets for your mid-to-late season harvest. You will have enough to try a wide array of new recipes and fill your home with the scent of apple pies for days. When you tire of cooking your Haralred® Apples, you can store them and rest assured they will stay fresh for several months.

Not only is the Haralred Apple known for its robust color and phenomenal flavor, but it is also a picture of health. This apple variety is impressively hardy and resistant to fire blight.

The sweet and enchanting scent of Haralred Apple blossoms will welcome you to the outdoors in spring. These romantic and feminine white flowers erupt in clusters for months.

Haralred Apple blooms make lovely springtime flower arrangements that bring the delightful sight of your favorite apple tree indoors. While these snowy-white blooms will become a welcome sight in spring, they will also be a sight for sore eyes for your local pollinators. Bees absolutely adore apple blossoms and will happily help your entire garden thrive.

Haralred Apples require a pollinator companion plant to set fruit. They pair well with other favorites like Cortland, Fuji, Gala, and Honeycrisp. A crabapple variety will also do the job.

This brilliant tree grows moderately quickly and begins producing from a young age, so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy a full harvest of sweet and beautiful fruit. This apple tree also stays relatively compact compared to other varieties, which makes it great for yards of all sizes.

The Haralred® Apples thrives in urban conditions and doesn’t shudder from below-freezing temperatures. In fact, it is hardy to zone 3.

How to Use the Haralred® Apple in the Landscape

This tree add a wholesome touch to the landscape. Because they require a companion tree, you can pair them with a pollination variety or in groups of three for a shady and inviting tree grouping.

Because of its moderate size, the Haralred Apple makes an excellent choice nearby your veggie garden, a few yards behind your pool, or in a corner of your yard that could use a bit of green and attention.

If you have a home orchard, you can extend your harvest season with one of these apple trees.

Short on space? No problem. Plant your Haralred Apple in a hole with a companion tree to save on lawn real estate.

Want to enrich your garden’s wildlife? Plant a Haralred Apple nearby a wooded section of the yard. Or let wild critters find fallen apples and enjoy a sweet buffet.

Tips for Care

Like most apple varieties, the Haralred Apple prefers full sun and well-drained soils. Avoid planting this prolific apple in a low area of your yard where water and moisture will gather and freeze. Morning sun exposure promotes drier foliage, and they also prefer good air circulation.

You also want to avoid planting in areas where apple trees grew previously.

Prune your Haralred Apple in wintertime when the tree is dormant to promote better airflow. New fruit will grow on spurs.

If you’re looking for a reliable producer with excellent cold hardiness and comes from a lineage of healthy, the Haralred Apple is an excellent choice.

With large, juicy, deep red apples, you’ll feel lucky year after year as you fill your kitchen with apples and your home with the scent of baking pies.

Haralred Apple Tree (Malus x ‘Lautz’) Details

Common name Haralred Apple Tree
Botanical name Malus x 'Lautz'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 3-7
Growth rate Medium
Height 25 ft.
Width 15 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Late Winter
Flower color White