Helen Von Stein Lambs Ear (Stachys byzantina ‘Helen von Stein’)

Helen Von Stein Lambs Ear

  • Velvety Silver-Green Foliage
  • Soft and Luxurious Texture
  • Larger Leafed Lambs Ears
  • Unique Groundcover
  • Partial Shade Loving
  • Long-Lasting Foliage
  • Easy-Care, Low-Maintenance
  • Sensory Gardens & Rock Gardens
  • Perfect For Children’s Gardens
  • Purplish-Pink Blooms

Imagine a garden addition that’s not only easy on the eyes but also soft to the touch?

The luxuriously fuzzy and furry Helen von Stein Lambs Ear (Stachys byzantina ‘Helen von Stein’) will do just that! Fulfill all the senses with a touchable plant you can’t resist petting!

Known for its plushly-fuzzy, silvery-green foliage, Lambs Ears are named after the equally downy Lambs and their velvety ears. You can’t help but reach out for a touch!

Helen von Stein is a little larger than your average Lambs Ear, in both leaf size and shape. Reaching a height of 10 inches and a spread of 18-24 inches, these add so much texture to any spot in the garden regardless of the size of your space!

Occasionally developing spikes of small, purplish-pink flowers, in mid-summer has a wonderful effect on any garden. Lambs Ear is not known for its bloom, in fact, it rarely flowers. Instead, it’s grown for that incredible foliage!

How to Use Helen von Stein Lambs Ear In The Landscape

Because of how apt Helen von Stein is at colonizing an area, these are amazingly well-suited (and lovely) when used in mass plantings and long rows to define and soften the edges of the garden bed and walkway.

A wonderful border plant, stylishly filling the gaps in the forefront of your perennial beds, Lambs Ears add so much delicate texture as it sparkles in the dappled sun.

Imagine a fuzzy groundcover of cooling silver-green, creeping and winding throughout your perennial gardens and mixed-shrub borders! Formal color and country garden texture, Lambs Ears fits into any style!

The tranquil color becomes a soothing addition anywhere, but especially blending in amazingly well with Veronica, Tradescantia ‘Concord Grape’, or other pink or purple blooming perennials.

A sublime spiller in containers and planters too! These wonderful garden plants become the main attraction in Rock Gardens and Children’s Sensory gardens! Create a ‘Garden of the Senses’ and include fuzzy Lambs Ears among other plants you can see, touch, hear, taste and smell! Lambs Ears easily fulfills the sight and feel part of this unique garden!

Tips For Care

Helen von Stein needs to be planted in partial sun, especially in the hotter climates where summer’s sun will take its toll on the soft leaves. Provide afternoon shade for the best look all growing season. Lambs Ears may tolerate some full sun in cooler growing zones, shrugging off humid summers with ease.

You may find in hotter summers, Lambs Ears takes a break and starts to look like it is dying back. Not to worry though, once fall and cooler weather return, Helen von Stein Lambs Ear revives and looks splendid once again right until the winter’s heavy frosts!

Doing its absolute best in a well-drained soil area, Helen von Stein loves average moisture and good drainage. Water well during establishment periods and throughout the hottest summer months, however Helen von Steins is fairly drought tolerant once established in a dappled shade location.

Clean up is a breeze with Helen von Steins! Leave alone until spring and remove any of last years leaves before new spring growth emerges. Easy-care and low maintenance never looked so good!

There are few areas in the landscape that won’t benefit from a lavish, velvety blanket of Helen von Stein Lambs Ears!

Helen Von Stein Lambs Ear (Stachys byzantina ‘Helen von Stein’) Details

Common name Helen Von Stein Lambs Ear
Botanical name Stachys byzantina 'Helen von Stein'
Plant type Perennial
Hardiness zone 4-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 8 - 10 inches
Width 15 - 18 inches
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Low Once Established
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly No
Pruning time Early Spring