Hetzii Columnaris Juniper

Tough Guy Green Columnar Juniper

  • Fast Growing
  • Heat and Drought Resistant
  • Deer Resistant
  • Soil Adaptable

Do you have that one difficult spot in your yard where you just need to add a stunning color. Green Columnar Juniper, Juniper Chinensis ‘Hetzii Columnaris’ is the tree for you!

Green Columnar is a super tough evergreen that is perfect for those difficult spots. If you have rocky soil or your area has heat and drought then take a look at this tree. Trouble-free and deer-resistant finishes this tree off nicely.

Green Columnar has a strong pyramidal upright form and grows to 15 feet . The foliage is a rich dark green that will not burn in the sun or in the cold of winter. You can use this tree in any area in your landscape.

For accents, screenings, and softening unsightly walls. They make a great narrow hedge and can also be planted in containers and boxes.

This tree should be planted in full sun and well-drained soil. It is cold and heat hardy and will thrive where many plants will not. It can be clipped or left to grow naturally.

You can even clip and train this tree into spirals and other upright topiary shapes. The uses are limitless with this tree!

While this juniper will grow to 12-15 feet tall it will only be 4-6 feet wide. Young trees will have an open look but as they mature they will become fuller and denser. The leaves are scale-like with a deep rich green color. As they mature the leaves will become darker with a hint of blue. Older trees will develop clusters of round blue-black berry-like seed cones.