Hollywood Hibiscus Social Butterfly (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis HOLLYWOOD ‘14003’)

Hollywood Hibiscus Social Butterfly

Do you want to add instant color and a laid-back island groove to your pool, patio or deck? ‘Social Butterfly’, from the Hollywood Hibiscus collection, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis HOLLYWOOD™ ‘14003’, will do that!

Very few plants conjure up tropical island dreams as easily as a Hibiscus will. Groovy shirts, surfboards and fruity drinks all snap instantly to mind when you see ‘Social Butterfly’. These sun-lovers have big, bold, sunny-yellow flowers that stay drenched in rich color all summer long – longer if you live in zone 9-11. The Hollywood™ Hibiscus collection was bred specifically to have an excess of blooms and an excellent disease resistance.

Combined this with their deep-green leaves and you have the makings of a great evergreen flowering hedge or a privacy screen that can easily be pruned to any height.

Don’t despair if you live where they can’t be outside all year. ‘Social Butterfly’ makes a great container plant in non-tropical locations, too! Just make sure to bring them inside before the first frost where they can vacation in front of a bright sunny window until they can go outside again.

This year make your garden an island escape with a jolt of truly bright color and easy care from Hollywood™ Hibiscus ‘Social Butterfly’.

  • Huge Tropical Flowers & Lush Green Foliage
  • Full Sun & Disease Resistant
  • Great Indoor Or Outdoor Plant
  • Easy Care Sunny Yellow Blooms With A Red Eye

Hollywood Hibiscus Social Butterfly (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis HOLLYWOOD ‘14003’) Details

Common name Hollywood Hibiscus Social Butterfly
Botanical name Hibiscus rosa-sinensis HOLLYWOOD '14003'
Hardiness zone Outdoor 10-11 (Patio 4-11)
Growth rate Medium
Height 4 - 5 ft.
Width 1 - 4 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Moist
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Flower color Orange, Yellow, Pink and Red
Leaf color Tropical