Horstmann Blue Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlanitca ‘Horstmann’)

Horstmann Blue Atlas Cedar

  • Petite Version of Blue Atlas Cedar
  • Impeccable Accent for Small Space Gardens
  • Unique Branching Structure
  • Living Sculpture
  • Dense, Icy Blue Foliage
  • Bird Friendly Shelter
  • Grow in Oversized Containers
  • Tolerates Coastal Conditions
  • Performs in High Heat
  • Disease Resistant
  • Deer Don’t Prefer the Taste

Perfect for the discerning specialty evergreen collector, Horstmann Blue Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica glauca ‘Horstmann’) is a scaled-down version of the exceptional Blue Atlas Cedar. It stays small, but gives your landscape that same commanding presence, even in tiny yards.

Create a Zen Garden with one as a focal point, or use several as a cool-toned blue backdrop. Horstmann Blue Atlas Cedar can never be called “cookie-cutter”.

Rather, each tree features a disparate display of multiple leaders and a mix of horizontal and erect branching. Every Horstman Blue Atlas Cedar is different, and grows into a near-effortless living sculpture with a compact form.

You’ll appreciate the icy blue tones that stay true even in the hottest weather. Over time, the tree grows into a good windbreak and privacy screen.

Plant them in the ground as a Memorial Garden, or cast your eyes on them in a personal Meditation Garden. Grow a series of them in huge, modern outdoor containers for an extremely sophisticated look.

This tree tolerates coastal settings, but prefers sharply drained soil and full sun. Birds love the sheltering branches, but deer tend to pass it by.

Mix and match with other evergreens to carve out a dedicated oasis for yourself to rest and recharge. Use this exceptional semi-dwarf plant to give architectural, irregular structure and beautiful year-round color.

Horstmann Blue Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlanitca ‘Horstmann’) Details

Common name Horstmann Blue Atlas Cedar
Botanical name Cedrus atlanitca 'Horstmann'
Plant type Evergreen
Hardiness zone 6-9
Growth rate Slow
Height 10 - 15 ft.
Width 6 - 8 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly No
Pruning time Early Spring
Leaf color Blue-Green