Italian Cypress Trees

Turns Any Home into an Estate

• Looks great near entrances or lining driveways
• Great for raising property value
• Compact tree perfect for tight spaces
• Low-maintenance evergreens

The Italian Cypress never fails- it’s a low-maintenance way to increase your home’s property value.

You see them all the time in high-end neighborhoods. Landscape architects love using these trees to make a dramatic impact.

The Italian Cypress proudly shows off its tall columnar stature, coming to a shapely point at the top. It fits anywhere in your landscape.

It can grow up to 40 feet tall, but you can simply shear off the top when it has reached the height you want.

These graceful trees do a beautiful job of defining your property’s edge, and they make a regal statement when planted along both sides of a long driveway in neat rows.

The dense blue-green leaves are not only aromatic, but ideal for sculpting into ornamental decor for a deck or patio. Put them in a pot if you’ve got little room.

This hardy evergreen requires very little maintenance, and enjoys full sun or partial shade.

The Italian Cypress is drought-resistant, and thrives in most any type of soil. Just plant it and watch it grow. They can easily shoot up to three feet per year!

Planting the Italian Cypress as a backdrop for smaller, more vibrantly colored plants such as the Lochinch Butterfly Bush will add depth and drama to your landscape.

Functional, simple, fragrant, and noble- the Italian Cypress is the complete package.