Jacaranda Tree (Jacaranda mimosifolia)

Jacaranda Tree


What is Jacaranda Tree

Incredible, long-lasting purple blooms in spring give way torich, yellow hues in the fall,making the Jacaranda Tree a season-to-season star that stands out. Fernlike foliage lends volume to its bold, dramatic silhouette for a landscape look unlike any other.

Deep color emerges from its clusters of spring blossoms, which are visually breathtaking. A sea of lavender decorates the tree before leaves grow and makes the treestriking. But in addition to its unmatched beauty, the Jacaranda is fast-growing and drought-tolerant, adapting well to tough conditions.

Large, silky flowers hang in heavy, full bunches, ushering summer in after spring with ease. When the trumpet-shaped blooms finally fall, they form a lilac carpet beneath the awe-inspiring Jacaranda for luxuriant curb appeal.

Strength in beauty defines the unparalleledJacaranda Tree.The powerful trunk and thick branches that hoist all those lovely blooms and gilt leaves are strong and resilient. It’s a tough tree that grows to a sturdy height and will thrive in a variety of soil types.

Good luck finding a Jacaranda this lovely anything else. Our tried-and-true process of planting, growing and shipping your Jacaranda Tree with care means that you get a well-developed tree, delivering results year after year.

Other nurseries offer bare-root varieties, which are notorious for their high failure rate in most gardens.

But when you order from GardenCenterPoint, you get a Jacaranda with robust roots and better branching unlike any you’ve ever seen.

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Jacaranda Tree (Jacaranda mimosifolia) Jacaranda mimosifolia

How to Grow and Care for Jacaranda Tree

Jacaranda Tree (Jacaranda mimosifolia) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 9-11 outdoors


The Jacaranda is a full sun (6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day) loverthat prefers well-drained soil.

Plant yourJacaranda in a hole that is 2 to 3 times the width of the container (the root ball), and just as deep. Place your tree and begin backfilling the hole, tamping down as you go to prevent air pockets. Place a thick layer of mulch over the planting area to protect the roots from fluctuating temperatures as well as help the tree to conserve water. Finally, water the tree well to saturate the entire planting area.


Water the Jacaranda Tree once or twice weekly while it’s establishing. Once established, the trees will only need water during times of extreme drought.


Jacaranda Trees need very little fertilizer, but if you want to speed up growth, youcan use a well balanced, slow-release formula, such a 10-10-10, in early spring.


Onlyremove dead or damaged limbs.

Jacaranda Tree (Jacaranda mimosifolia) Details

Common name Jacaranda Tree
Botanical name Jacaranda mimosifolia
Plant type Flowering Trees
Hardiness zone 9-11 outdoors
Growth rate Fast
Height 25-50 ft.
Width 15-30 ft.