Jubilation Gardenia Shrub (Gardenia jasminoides ‘Leeone’)

Jubilation™ Gardenia Shrub


What is Jubilation Gardenia Shrub

The blooming of a Jubilation Gardenia is a cause for celebration! As they open, the free-flowing white petals reveal yellow centers. Set against deep green foliage, these crisp, white beauties are a sight to see!

Every spring, the Jubilation Gardenia blooms abundantly – and continues heavily flowering all the way through fall. These easy-care plants are also unusually fragrant. 

The Jubilation Gardenia is a popular choice because of its compact size. Reaching only three to four feet tall and three feet wide, the plant is ideal for small spaces. Try planting several to create a low hedge, or add a few to a hard-to-plant slope. Because of its size, the Jubilation Gardenia is also an ideal container plant. 

Wherever it’s planted, this Gardenia is guaranteed to bloom for three seasons! It is also an evergreen that keeps its leaves throughout the year. All it needs to thrive is full to partial sun and nutrient-rich, well-draining soil. 

The Jubilation Gardenia brings joy to any landscape – add one to your flower collection today!

Jubilation™ Gardenia Shrub (Gardenia jasminoides 'Leeone') Gardenia jasminoides 'Leeone'

How to Grow and Care for Jubilation Gardenia Shrub

Jubilation Gardenia Shrub (Gardenia jasminoides ‘Leeone’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 7-10 outdoors


The Jubilation Gardenia prefers full-sun to partially-sunny spots with nutrient-rich soil. Make sure the soil drains well, too. 

Though spring and fall are prime seasons to plant gardenias, they can be planted any time of year that isn’t too hot or too cold. Always keep the soil moist but especially during the first year and throughout the hotter months. 


Gardenias should be fertilized every six months with a slow-release fertilizer. 


Pruning isn’t necessary but can promote bushier growth. Deadhead flowers and remove dead or crowded branches. After buds form, forgo pruning.

Jubilation Gardenia Shrub (Gardenia jasminoides ‘Leeone’) Details

Common name Jubilation™ Gardenia Shrub
Botanical name Gardenia jasminoides 'Leeone'
Plant type Shrubs, Hedges
Hardiness zone 7-10 outdoors
Growth rate Medium
Height 3-4 ft.
Width 3 ft.