Julia Child Rose Tree (Rosa floribunda ‘Julia Child’)

Julia Child Rose Tree


What is Julia Child Rose Tree

Get an endless display of buttery-yellow colored roses from June through September with our Juila Child Rose Tree. Set against healthy dark green foliage – the contrast in color from this plant is matchless.

Blooms and Blooms and Blooms

This repeat bloomer is delivered healthy and ready to perform the very first spring. Large yellow roses unfold slowly as new ones continuously emerge. You’ll get a full performance of fragrant, vibrant flowers all summer long.

Easiest Rose to Grow

If you think roses are complicated…you’re right in some cases, but it’s hard to mess this one up. The Julia Child Rose Tree is more than a beautiful spectacle, it’s hardy and easy to maintain. All that the disease and pest resistant tree asks for is sunshine and modestly moist soil.

Hot summers? No problem. In fact, this tree does well in most climates. Perfect for Zones 4-9, its sturdy 24 inch trunk even withstands high winds with ease.

Garden or Patio

Immediately enhance your flower garden with the bright vitality of this stunning rose tree. The unique butter-colored rose adds remarkable depth when embedded with other flowers and plants.

It is just as striking when planted by itself. Consider placing yours under a kitchen window so you’re sure to see it every day.

They do remarkably well in containers too! Put one on your back patio, and enjoy months of sweet-licorice-like fragrance that permeates from this sunshiny plant. If you’re looking for a dramatic and natural welcome for your guests, line a few of them along your sidewalk leading to your front door. Be prepared for tons of compliments and questions on how to get one.

Chic Interior Decor

Bring them inside! If you enjoy having fresh flowers in your home, then you’ll love this tree. It delivers so many roses! Clip them and enjoy their effortless beauty as your dining table centerpiece. The long stems will have you pulling out the tall vases that you love. Because you’ll get such an abundance of flowers, you can enjoy them throughout your home. The fragrance and bright yellow color will light up any bedroom, office or powder room. No matter your design style: Contemporary, traditional, modern, shabby-chic – even industrial…these roses look great in any interior environment.

Julia Child Rose Tree (Rosa floribunda 'Julia Child') Rosa floribunda 'Julia Child'

How to Grow and Care for Julia Child Rose Tree

Julia Child Rose Tree (Rosa floribunda ‘Julia Child’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 4-9 outdoors

Julia Child Rose Tree (Rosa floribunda ‘Julia Child’) Details

Common name Julia Child Rose Tree
Botanical name Rosa floribunda 'Julia Child'
Hardiness zone 4-9 outdoors
Growth rate Fast
Height 6 ft.
Width 3 ft.