Korean Giant Pear

Juicy & Sublime Flavor Korean Giant Asian Pear Tree!

  • Enormous Grapefruit-Sized Pears!
  • Round Yellowish-Green Fruit
  • Ripens to Russet Brown
  • Sweet Crisp & Juicy White Flesh
  • Produces Large Crops
  • Great Fresh Eaten, Fresh in Salads & Slaw, Juiced
  • Fragrant White Spring Flowers
  • Call Pollinators Galore
  • Highly Ornamental
  • Pollinated by other Asian or European Pears
  • Very Hardy Trees
  • Late Season Harvest
  • 300-400 Chill Hours

When you are out working hard in your yard, what could be more refreshing than coming in and downing a tall glass of ice-cold juice from your Korean Giant Asian Pear (Pyrus pyrifolia ‘Korean Giant’)? This variety will produce a lot of very large fruit perfect to eat fresh or juice for you and your family to enjoy!

Your Korean Giant Asian Pear will be covered in bright white blooms in the spring, and their enchanting fragrance will draw bees and butterflies from all around. If you want larger harvests, you should plant another Asian Pear variety near your Korean Giant, and European Pear varieties can also be used for cross-pollination.

The Korean Giant Asian Pear produces an abundant crop of enormous yellowish-green to dark brown russet fruit. With high sugar content, this juicy fruit will enhance all your favorite recipes! Its crisp flesh is both sweet and juicy, and it will store very well in your fridge.

Your tastebuds have no idea what you have in store for them when you plant a Korean Giant Pear! Picture the expression on the faces of your friends as you hand them a grapefruit-size pear, and the look of amazement as they sink their teeth into the crisp white flesh and the sweet pear juice drips down their chin!

How to Use Korean Giant Asian Pear Tree In The Landscape

Growing into an average size tree that produces fruit that ripens later in the season. Instead of that flowering pear, choose a fruiting variety with all the same ornamental qualities!

Flowering trees always look lovely as front yard specimen plants and focal points! Line your driveway or side yard with a row of Korean Giants for a fascinating spectacle, or with other fruiting trees for dual-purpose landscaping!

Add to your existing gardens and orchards, or create hedgerows of fruit trees for privacy and property definition that also fills your fruit bowls with unique delights!

#ProPlantTips For Care

When it is time to plant, your Korean Giant Asian Pear prefers full sun, requiring at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day for optimal growth and health. It resists fire blight, which will mean there is less spraying as well.

Plant it in rich, well-drained soil, but if your soil is lacking, it will still do well, but avoid soil with a lot of clay. If needed, you can spade in compost, manure, leaves and grass clippings to enrich your soil.

Provide ample water for your young tree while it becomes established, not allowing it to dry out between waterings. Water weekly to ensure a healthy crop and provide supplemental watering during times of drought and in the heat of summer. A generous layer of mulch helps retain soil moisture as well as insulate the root system from heat and chill.

Situate in an area that is protected from frost pockets and with good air circulation. Prune to keep an open canopy so that both sunlight and airflow reach the interior. Head over to our Garden Blog for more Fruit Tree Planting, Fruit Tree Pruning and Fruit Tree Care tips and tricks can be found!