Life of the Party Rose (Rosa ‘WEKjucistwe’)

Life of the Party Rose

Create an easy garden soireé with the Life of the Party™ Rose bush (Rosa ‘WEKjucistwe’)! The bi-color blooms will kick your garden up a notch and bring a party to your landscape! You’ll enjoy buttery yellow and pastel pink petals. This new and exciting Floribunda’s flowers look more like party pom-poms than traditional Roses. In fact, these striking Roses are reminiscent of elegant Peonies.

With gorgeously frilly, creamy-yellow blooms with gorgeously pink-kissed edges this highly petalled rose variety is admired for its soft yellow centers that blush to a cheerful pink. Not only are these large blooms a pastel dream, but their petal pattern is less of a rosette and more of a staggered grouping of rounded petals. The dreamy, old-fashioned flowers are lovely English-style double-petalled forms that draw admiration from everyone in the neighborhood, as well as all of the area pollinators!

The sweet citrusy fragrant blooms are lovely additions to a vase as they are welcoming guests to your doorstep. The full, flouncy petals are vigorous bloomers that fit right into any style garden. The Life of the Party™ Rose’s flowers stand out and glow against deep glossy green foliage. Creating the perfect backdrop for the subtly-hued blooms. Forming a densely packed and mounded shrub growing 3-4 feet in height and a bit less in width.

Very heat-tolerant throughout USDA growing zones 6 to 10, Life of the Party™ adds a cooling soft color to the heat and humidity and shines in the full sun! Not only do these Roses exemplify superior physical form, but they are also highly disease resistant and they smell amazing!

Planting and Application:

With showy clusters of blooms, you’ll certainly turn any dreary garden into a vibrant hotspot worthy of your party guests! With blooms for weeks, you’ll have long-lasting coloration to highlight your patios and entertaining areas!

This lovely Rose is ready for a tea party, so plant yours somewhere in your garden where you can lay out a picnic blanket, sip some tea, and admire the beauty of this pristine specimen! Space-saving smaller shrubs even work perfectly in containers and planters! Even if you don’t have a yard, you can enjoy these playful blooms and their scent!

The Life of the Party™ Rose also makes a great foundation planting or a low-growing floriferous hedge. For an impressive front entry décor, the Life of the Party™ Rose is ready to impress and easy to care for! Need a fantastic gift for someone that is a gardening newbie? You are sure to give them a stunning hostess gift, or birthday present, or cheerfully welcome a new baby or adopted child!

Create an amazing display by your front door with a grouping of Rose bushes that alternate with the Life of the Party™ Rose, then in the middle or to anchor the end of the planting bed – add a Life of the Party™ Rose Tree-Form to elevate your entire landscape! This works great with alternating potted shrubs with the tree form for a luxurious formal planting!

  • Soft Creamy-Yellow Tipped Pink Blooms
  • Large, Old-Fashioned Blooms
  • Mild Sweet Citrus Fragrance
  • Pollinator Heaven – Free-Flowering Habit
  • Elegant Space-Saving Accent
  • Welcoming Entry Decor & Easy & Effective Statement Piece
  • Cheerful Gift Rose!

Tips for Care:

These easy-care modern Rose bushes are deciduous shrubs that appreciate being planted in well-drained soil. It also loves soaking up as much sun as it can so planting somewhere in full sun is a good idea. Site selection is actually the most important aspect. Making sure the soil is well draining is important as well! Growing Roses outdoors or in containers requires a consistent schedule of supplemental moisture. Don’t forget to add a thick layer of Mulch for insulation and moisture retention.

Floribunda Roses are easy to maintain and extremely disease resistant! No need to worry about common Rose ailments anymore! Fertilize each spring with a slow-release or controlled-release fertilizer should do the trick and leave your shrub happier and healthier than ever.

Prune away suckers and branching that forms at the base or on the trunk each year too. Pruning Roses allows for better, bushier growth each year.

  • Full Sun Lover
  • Almost Any Well-Drained Soil
  • Moderate Moisture & Appreciates Mulched Beds
  • Prune Very Early Spring
  • Good Heat-Tolerance

Life of the Party Rose (Rosa ‘WEKjucistwe’) Details

Common name Life of the Party Rose
Botanical name Rosa 'WEKjucistwe'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 6-10
Growth rate Medium
Height 3 - 4 ft.
Width 2 - 3 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Regular
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Yellow & Pink