Life’s Little Pleasures Rose (Rosa ‘WEKswenchev’)

Life's Little Pleasures Rose

They weren’t kidding when they named this wonderful Miniature Rose! You’re sure to be rejuvenated by both the color and form of Life’s Little Pleasures™ Rose (Rosa ‘WEKswenchev’). All Roses are life-affirming, but this variety packs so much peace in all those luxuriant petals. Each very full double bloom has up to 70 petals despite the smaller size shrub! Savor their light fragrance, well-formed buds, and blooms, plus enjoy their lavender strength all season long! Your pollinators agree and arrive to sip the nectar!

If you love purple, you’ll love the pristine lavender of Life’s Little Pleasures™ mature blooms. Cut them for long-lasting arrangements, or savor them on the shrub. The fantastic color lasts to the very end. This outstanding variety is powerfully pretty. The blooms open a shade of lavender-pink, and age to pure lavender.

Each fetching little bloom is absolutely breathtaking. Now imagine a compact shrub covered in them! They’ll restore your faith and bolster your spirit. Sprays of buds bloom abundantly on these dense, modern Rose bushes. The blooms open above the dark green foliage, which behaves as a perfect foil.

Spend time with this charming plant. Give it a place of pride in your life, and you’ll be rewarded from late spring to frost. Place your order from our expert growers today. You’ll be astounded at the high quality and ease of care of our Life’s Little Pleasures™ Miniature Rose bushes.

Growing to a smaller 2-3 feet in mature height and a tidy 2 feet wide at most, these are highly adaptable little Roses that tolerate a wide range of conditions throughout USDA growing zones 5-9!

Planting and Application:

This Rose is not to be missed! The visual appeal of these luxurious blooms can’t be overstated. Place them where you’ll lose yourself in their color and form! Tuck them in unexpected places to create a marvelous destination spot. People are using them as focal points in outdoor Yoga Studios and Meditation Gardens.

Use several in a container on a sun-soaked patio or deck. Or, create a showy perennial display with Life’s Little Pleasures™ used in place of annual bedding plants in your Boxwood-lined planting bed. Add them to your mixed borders and foundation plantings. Their flower power is simply astonishing!

Likewise, you’ll extend the season of bloom if you enjoy them in cut flower arrangements throughout the season. Use the entire spray, with foliage in larger vases. Place a tiny single blossom in a bud vase for an unforgettable pick-me-up.

These are fantastic facer shrubs and edging plants that add lovely color and accent any garden bed, easing the transition between lawn and garden, and adding incredible color without sacrificing space!

You surely deserve this Rose! Or gift one to a friend who has struggled through a hard time. They’ll appreciate the precious restorative power of this special plant. They’ll also become meaningful memorial plants. Add them with a special garden statue or fountain and visit them often.

  • Clear Lavender-Pink Blooms Age to Pure Lavender
  • Amazing 70 Petals per Bloom
  • Lustrous Green Foliage & Compact Size
  • Pollinator Friendly & Fabulous Cut Flower
  • Edging, Specimens, Accents, Small Space Gardens & Containers!

Tips for Care:

Miniature Rose bushes need full sun and good air circulation to do their best! Provide a location with the morning sun to dry their leaves and prevent water from the hose and sprinklers from wetting their leaves. Plant in enriched, highly organic and fertile soil that is well-drained – never soggy. Water regularly, especially throughout the hot summer months.

Site selection is actually the most important aspect. Making sure the soil is well draining is important as well! Growing Roses in outdoor containers or in the ground requires a consistent schedule of supplemental moisture. Don’t forget to add a 3-4 inch thick layer of Mulch.

Fertilize with a slow-release, organic formula in spring and again in early July. Please ensure that nitrogen-rich lawn fertilizers stay far away from your Roses. Stick with a formula for flowering plants, following the instructions on the label.

  • Full Sun
  • Moist Enriched Well-Drained Soil
  • Regular Fertility & Watering
  • Prune Early Spring
  • Mulch Very Well

Take the opportunity to enjoy Life’s Little Pleasures™ Miniature Rose bush.

Life’s Little Pleasures Rose (Rosa ‘WEKswenchev’) Details

Common name Life's Little Pleasures Rose
Botanical name Rosa 'WEKswenchev'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 5-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 2 - 3 ft.
Width 18 - 24 inches
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Regular
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Pink & Lavender