Lil Ditty Witherod Viburnum (Viburnum cassinoides ‘SMNVCDD’)

Lil Ditty Witherod Viburnum

If you’ve been a gardener for any length of time, you’ve probably heard the old saying There is a plant for every place and a place for every plant. We firmly believe that is true here at Nature Hills. The Lil Ditty® Witherod Viburnum (Viburnum cassinoides ‘SMNVCDD’). Have a garden next to the woodland? Lil Ditty® is unappetizing to the deer herd that lives there and comes out to graze every evening.

It paints the floor of your garden beds and borders in bold texture, fragrance and color. The bright green, arrow-shaped foliage is covered in large puffy balls of creamy-white, powerfully scented flowers! The blooms are followed by masses of small berries that start out green and through the seasons turn from pink to red to nearly black by the fall. The fruit and flowers are more abundant if you have more than one Viburnum nearby for pollination. Unfortunately, there is no other suitable variety available on the market, so plant multiple Lil Ditty® close to each other for best fruiting.

Lil’ Ditty® grows in compact mounds only 24 tall, so pruning isn’t necessary. It fits into any landscape and is a reliable food source for local birds and small mammals. These sweet and petite little deciduous shrubs have everything we adore about Viburnums in a compact, space-saving size are hardy throughout USDA growing zones 3-8, you’ll enjoy these cold hardy ornamental flowering bushes!

Planting and Application:

Fantastic facer shrubs for lining garden edges and before your home’s foundation plantings. Low enough as border edging to ease the transition between lawn and garden, pathways and driveways gets the royal treatment! The shiny dark foliage gleams in perennial and cottage gardens, and they are the perfect additions to pollinator beds for your butterflies and bees!

Gorgeous in large containers and planters around your seating areas, decorating your front porch, or even balcony! A pair decorating your front door, or on either side of your front steps will boost the cheer brought to your home curb appeal! Tolerant of wet and moist soils, these little wonders thrive in the Rain Garden and at the base of where the gutters often drain.

  • Scented Spring Flowers Look Like Frothy White Fizz
  • Dwarf Sized Shrub & Glossy Dark Green Foliage
  • Attracts Songbirds & Pollinators
  • Native Shrub, Xeric & Tolerates Moist to Wet Soils
  • Edging, Specimen, Containers & Small-Size Garden Accents

Tips for Care:

This variety of easy-care Viburnum will perform in either full sun or part shade. It needs at least four hours of direct sunlight a day. Well-drained soil is best. Elevate your shrubs in a raised bed if your soil retains water. Thereafter, provide a medium amount of water on a regular basis. Mulch over the root system to cut down on surface evaporation.

Prune after flowering, as the shrub blooms on old wood. Renewal prune to remove the largest thickest stems from the ground every few years, leaving the young stems in place to flower nicely for you next spring.

  • Grows in Full Sun to Partial Shade
  • Moderate Moist Soil & Mulch
  • Low Maintenance & Low Growing – No Pruning Required
  • Prune to Deadhead After Flower
  • Deer Don’t Prefer The Taste & Juglone Resistant

Gleaming foliage, space-saving size and gorgeous fizzy blooms, the Lil Ditty® Witherod Viburnum is the perfect little flowering shrub for you! The old adage is true about there being a place for every plant – and the place for Lil’ Ditty® is in your garden!

Lil Ditty Witherod Viburnum (Viburnum cassinoides ‘SMNVCDD’) Details

Common name Lil Ditty Witherod Viburnum
Botanical name Viburnum cassinoides 'SMNVCDD'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 3-8
Growth rate Slow
Height 12 - 24 inches
Width 1 - 4 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Average to Moist
Soil condition Any Well-Drained Soil
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Flowering
Flower color White