Lisbon Lemon

  • Cold Resistant
  • Produces All Year
  • Tree Form
  • Grow Indoors & Out

When you want a lemon – not a gourmet fruit with a pretentious name, or a lemon that some chef has described as “tart with hints of berry and jasmine” or any other such nonsense. Just a lemon. A “pucker your kisser and brighten your tea” honest-to-goodness kitchen lemon. When you want a simple, real lemon you have to pick a Lisbon.

This is the lemon you buy in the grocery store. This is the lemon you remember as a kid daring your buddies to eat without making a face. This is the lemon that makes fish dishes sing and lemonade soar. This is the classic sour yellow lemon you need.

Cold resistant and easy to grow – either in the yard in a forgiving climate or in a pot in the house by a big sunny window anywhere else – Lisbon Lemon has been known to produce year round for you. Smooth skin that isn’t too thick makes Lisbon easy to peel and easy to zest. One of the juiciest of all the lemons, Lisbon is great in cooking, juicing and drinking.

Sometimes you just need the basics. Thankfully, Lisbon Lemon is a basic that is anything but basic!