Madame Lemoine Lilac (Syringa vulgaris ‘Madame Lemoine’)

Madame Lemoine Lilac

Widely regarded as one of the best white-flowering French Hybrid Lilacs, the billowy, fragrant and elegant Madame Lemoine Lilac (Syringa vulgaris ‘Madame Lemoine’) is sure to make you a Lilac lover as you relish the fragrant blooms! Just thinking about the heady fragrance of Lilac brings back memories, doesn’t it? Nature Hills offers so many wonderful Lilac varieties, but this one is unabashedly one of our favorites!

Set the stage for a beautiful spring with the sophisticated charm of Madame Lemoine Lilac. This French Hybrid Lilac will perfume your landscape for nearly a month. Savvy garden designers rely on low-maintenance Madame Lemoine to deliver a perfectly poised presentation. Savor the sight and scent of the lavish, double spring blooms.

Enjoy butterflies, drawn to the sweet scent and nutrient-rich nectar. You’ll love their bright wings “popping” against the impeccable blooms. Cut armloads of blooms for indoor containers and vases. (Call it pruning if you must. We know better!) Even a few of these enchanting, dreamy white panicles are fragrant enough to perfume a large room.

What an experience to gift yourself! Don’t let another season go by without these incredible ornamental shrubs in your garden. Then, rest and relax in the summer shade. Beautiful heart-shaped leaves are densely held on these upright, multi-stemmed shrubs.

Planting and Application:

They’ll work with all architectural styles, and partner beautifully with other plants. Plant one near your master bedroom window. You’ll dream of paradise and Pegasus during spring bloom time with windows open wide. Use several near the carport to hide the utilitarian aspects of your landscape. Turn eyesores into assets with these easy-care flowering shrubs.

Add a few in a loose triangle on top of a raised berm in your front yard. You’ll block the foot traffic from looking in your picture window. At the same time, you’ll have something pretty to look at from indoors. Use one as a specimen, or several as an informal hedge. You could even grow them in large outdoor containers for many years. Never be without the fresh scent of Lilacs again.

Use them as a “friendly fence” to give you and your guests much-needed privacy. Or, line them up to create the walls of an outdoor dining room. Park a bench or bistro set against this living flowered wallpaper and relax in the shade and fragrance!

Limit your palette to white-flowering plants for a fresh, crisp look. Plant Blanc Double de Coubert Hybrid Rugosa Roses nearby to continue the theme of fragrant white blooms through fall! You’ll be delighted how a backdrop of dark green Madame Lemoine Lilac foliage sets off those bold hues as a perfect backdrop for borders or accentuates the colors of an evergreen hedge.

How lucky to have a Lilac hedge. You’ll never, ever regret the choice of chic Madame Lemoine Lilac!

  • Creamy-White Buds Open Pure White
  • Double Flowers Held on Long Panicles
  • Nearly a Month of Blooms with Long-Lasting Floral Display
  • Flowers are Nectar-Rich to Support Pollinators
  • Dark Green, Heart-Shaped Leaves on Multi-Stemmed Shrub
  • Showy, Easy-Breezy Style All Season
  • Deep Shade & Effective Privacy Screening All Season Long

Tips for Care:

Lilacs are easily grown in average, medium moist, well-drained soil in full sun. Air circulation is always a good idea for Lilacs and Madame Lemoine Lilac tolerates light shade, but the best bloom is in full sun. It prefers organically rich soils with good drainage. They won’t tolerate “wet feet”, so elevate the roots with a raised bed or planting mound, if you need to improve drainage.

Give young Lilacs a medium amount of water on a regular basis, especially during bloom time. Once it is established, apply supplemental water in an extended drought. To help with moisture, cover the root system with around 3-4 inches of Arborist bark chips.

Prune the panicles as the flowers start to fade, and enjoy them in cut flower arrangements. Prune directly following the bloom to open up the center of the shrub to air circulation and sunlight. Rejuvenate your shrub periodically by removing the thickest, oldest stems at ground level.

Deer tend to ignore Lilacs, however, if deer populations are high and the food is limited deer may sample any plant. If you live with deer in your area, apply repellent spray on planting day. Deer are hungry and curious, and you want to train them to leave your plants alone. Reapply according to the label.

  • Full Sun
  • Moderate to Low Moisture Needs Once Established
  • Prefers Well-Drained Soil & Moderate Fertility
  • Extremely Cold Hardy
  • Low Maintenance & Reliable – Prune After Flowering Only
  • Deer Don’t Prefer the Taste

Madame Lemoine Lilac is a bit like Audrey Hepburn. Classic, fresh and always stylish.

Madame Lemoine Lilac (Syringa vulgaris ‘Madame Lemoine’) Details

Common name Madame Lemoine Lilac
Botanical name Syringa vulgaris 'Madame Lemoine'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 3-7
Growth rate Medium
Height 8 - 12 ft.
Width 8 - 10 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium Then Low
Soil condition Well-Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Flowering
Flower color White