Magical Ruby Red Hydrangea (Hydrangeamacrophylla ‘KOLMARU’ PP#25104)

Magical Ruby Red Hydrangea

  • Bold & Brilliant Mophead Blooms
  • Matures To Red-Wine With Green Flecks
  • Bright Green Textural Leaves
  • Vigorous Upright Full Growth
  • Mid-Sized, Blooms on New & Old Wood
  • Sturdy No-Flop Stems
  • Hardy in Heat, Cold & Humidity
  • Easy Care & Low Maintenance
  • Cut Flowers, Dried Decor, Tablescape & Bouquets!
  • Pollinators Galore!
  • Deer Resistant
  • Salt Tolerant

Eye-popping color on a fantastic ornamental shrub, the Magical® Ruby Red Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla ‘KOLMARU’ PP# 25104) features vigorous growth and jewel-tone blooms that keeps coming back all season long!

Brilliant, glimmering hot-pink to red, mophead blooms just shine above the handsome foliage and draw admirers and butterflies from far and wide. As they mature, the blooms will deepen to a burgundy hue, with flecks of lime green.

The dark green, lightly toothed foliage is the perfect backdrop for the bold pink blooms that are so dark, they’re almost red! Textured foliage is in a mounded 3-foot wide and tall shrub that is sized for most smaller modern gardens.

Blooming on both new and old wood, you won’t run out of colorful flower clusters until fall. Even when dormant, these deciduous flowering shrubs have great texture and character in the winter landscape.

The stunning visual interest carries through into fall and winter with the dried blooms remaining for 4 season texture! Fresh or dried, the blooms are amazing in floral design and dried decor! The dried blooms, when left on the plant, add great winter interest.

How to Use Magical® Ruby Red Hydrangea In The Landscape

Modestly sized for low privacy, lovely barriers and definition between properties or to bridge the transition between lawn and garden in long rows. Zig-zag an open row around your landscape as a perimeter shrub.

Great for patio and porch containers. They’ll certainly be the thriller and explosion in vivid color as a specimen or accent plant. Pot one up into your favorite urn for an amazing landscape centerpiece! Or frame your doorsteps with a pair of these as sentries to welcome visitors to your door.

Butterfly and pollinator gardens welcome these wine-red flower buds! Butterflies and even hummingbirds flock to these deep hues. The sturdy stems will fill your bouquets with cut flowers and tablescapes with loads of blooms!

Try creating a focal point planting in your garden by clustering Ruby Red in a grouping of 3 or more for a stand-out accent! Seating areas, birdbaths, and outdoor sculptures become the main feature with a skirting of these around their base.

The bold color of these blooms highlights all other shades of flower and mingles with all design styles. The dark green foliage is the perfect backdrop for your perennials, Roses, or among other flowering shrubs in a mixed-shrub border.

Cottage gardens receive a modern touch with Magical® Ruby Red’s jewel tones! They also add an amazing designer aspect to your landscape.

Fringe a ring of Ruby Reds around seating areas, fire-pits, pergolas or garden swings to create an outdoor space you can’t wait to get lost in!

Skirt the trunks of trees or encircle large shrubs where Hydrangea benefit from their shade and provide facer plantings to hide their bare stems. Soften foundations of pergolas and gazebos with a circle of lush greenery and brilliant color. These work amazingly well with other trees and shrubs that grow in shaded areas.

Imagine a row of Magical® Ruby Red jewels in front of your home as a foundation planting that will add eye-catching curb appeal making traffic slowdown to have a look! Be the envy of your neighborhood with a row separating your property from the road!

Magical® Ruby Red will be the crown jewel to your formal and informal beds and borders!

Tips For Care

Magical® Ruby Red is hardy in USDA growing zones 5 through 9. In the cooler zones, it tolerates full sun, while in warmer climates afternoon or part shade is appreciated to help the plant remain well hydrated and not wilt.

Ruby Red Hydrangea prefers consistently moist, cool soil. Though not particular on soil type, they won’t do well in soggy soil or in conditions that dry out for long periods of time.

Hydrangea grows in about any type of clay, sand or loamy soils however, they do their absolute best in rich, organic, humusy soil, even tolerating salty conditions.

A generous layer of mulch helps retain consistent soil moisture as well as insulate the root system from both the heat and winter’s chill.

No pests or disease issues, these are a spectacular variety of a hardy US native Hydrangea. With little worry about damage from deer, these woodlands edge plants won’t mind being planted in out-of-the-way areas.

Pruning is best done only in late winter and early spring before you see new growth and only if needed. This way you will not inadvertently remove any of the glorious blooms!

Take care when applying lawn fertilizers near flowering shrubs. These high nitrogen formulas are designed to produce foliage, but will not support flower development. Instead, apply an all-purpose fertilizer for blooming plants in early spring. Reapply in mid-summer, following label directions for application rates.

Ruby Red Hydrangea’s bloom color won’t change much depending on your soil pH however, in acidic conditions, you may see more of a purple to a blue hue. Adding garden lime will help maintain an alkaline pH for the deepest color saturation possible!

Magical Ruby Red Hydrangea (Hydrangeamacrophylla ‘KOLMARU’ PP#25104) Details

Common name Magical Ruby Red Hydrangea
Botanical name Hydrangeamacrophylla 'KOLMARU' PP#25104
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 5-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 3 ft.
Width 3 - 4 ft.
Sunlight Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Flowering
Flower color Burgundy, Maroon, Red