Mango Veranda Rose (Rosa ‘KORfloci109’)

Mango Veranda Rose

Every plant has a personality, and the Mango™ Veranda® Floribunda Rose bush (Rosa ‘KORfloci109’) is a peppy, happy-go-lucky go-getter with a big smile on its face! It’s never pushy but it is definitely cheerful! This Rose will be able to coax a genuine smile out of you every time you see it. Go ahead and gift that friend or family member that needs some cheer!

Everything about this Rose is a delight! You’ll love the soft fragrance and you’ll appreciate its easy-breezy maintenance. You’ll be entranced by the flowers that have a peachy hue once the salmon-orange buds open into very noteworthy double blooms.

The dark green foliage is tinged with red for a fantastic backdrop to the glowing blooms. The cheery color brightens any garden location and any mood, as well as your tablescapes! Add these brilliant flowers to your bouquets and floral arrangements to bring a smile to your face indoors and out! Add a few butterflies to the mix for even more delight!

Growing to a neat and tidy 2 ½ feet in height and width, any garden or balcony planter has room for this Floribunda Rose! Hardy throughout USDA growing zones 5 – 9, nearly any climate can accommodate one too!

Planting and Application:

This Rose stays small and manageable. No yard? No Problem! Mango Veranda® is suitable for sunny patio pots and porch planters, Balcony gardeners and those with smaller properties can readily enjoy this bright beacon of cheery color!

Mass it as a foundation edging against a dark-colored house to bring your curb appeal to life. Select a pair of matching containers on either side of a staircase, light up your front stairs, or mark the beginning of your driveway.

The medium-sized old-fashioned flowers add a dramatic touch to your outdated Cottage border and enliven a tired Rose garden. Plant them as thrillers in fancy pots on either side of your front door, you’ll gain a bright welcome for you and your guests as they get treated to the luscious fragrance at your front entry.

Use along a pool deck where the fruity color contrasts beautifully against a blue surround and water. The copper orange flowers mix and match with most other colors of flowers, but especially purples and blues, and golden yellows! Small enough to use as facer Rose shrubs along the front of a leggy evergreen hedge or older Rose garden border – talk about double the delight!

If you prefer to dial down the high energy a few notches, consider using just of few of these as an accent plant. This dwarf Rose can literally act like a directional arrow pointing to a special feature of your house or yard.

  • The People Person Rose – Salmony Orange Flowers
  • Large Sized Old Fashioned Flowers
  • Double Row of Petals
  • Floribunda With Soft Subtle Fragrance
  • Compact Plant with Glossy Dark Green Foliage & Red Tinges
  • Patio Containers or Gardens, Specimen or Groups, Edging & Facer Plant

Tips for Care:

Roses bloom best in full sun and Mango Veranda® won’t shrink away from the sunlight. Hardy in heat and chill, they do appreciate the drying powers of the morning sun. Provide an enriched environment with well-drained soil and water moderately, yet regularly for the best blooms.

Roses are easier to care for than ever and Mango Veranda® is no different! With a good growth rate and disease resistance, this is a modern Rose bush with all the perks and qualities that entails! Site selection is actually the most important aspect. Making sure the soil is well draining is important as well! Growing Roses outdoors or in containers requires a consistent schedule of supplemental moisture. Don’t forget to add a thick layer of Mulch.

Prune in early spring before you see new growth to 6 – 8 inches above the crown and mulch the site well for insulation and moisture retention.

  • Dazzles in Full Sun
  • Regular Moisture Needs & Appreciates Mulch
  • Best in Enriched Well-Drained Soil
  • Disease Resistant
  • Prune Early Spring

Carrying the old-fashioned elegance and romance we expect from the iconic Rose with all the modern ease-of-care and disease-resistance newer Rose bushes offer!

Mango Veranda Rose (Rosa ‘KORfloci109’) Details

Common name Mango Veranda Rose
Botanical name Rosa 'KORfloci109'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 5-9
Growth rate Fast
Height 2 1/2 ft.
Width 2 1/2 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained Soil
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Salmon-Orange