Marc Chagall Rose Tree (DELstrirojacre ‘Marc Chagall’)

Marc Chagall™ Rose Tree


What is Marc Chagall Rose Tree

Large, delicately clustered flowers set this spectacular rose tree apart. Its pink and yellow variegated tones make it so colorful and vivid that it looks like an artist’s rendering of a sunset, delivering a harmony of pink and pale yellow tones to your garden.

Whether you plant in mixed containers on your patio or border plantings along your sidewalk or driveway, the elegant Marc Chagall™ Rose Tree gives you vibrant color and full blooms hassle-free. Unlike many similar varieties, it’s resistant to common rose diseases, especially mildew, so you get its full double blooms despite tough conditions.

It’s nearly impossible to find this new rose tree at your local big-box store. And since we’ve planted, grown, and shipped your Marc Chagall™ Rose with meticulous care, you’ll get this rare roseas well as the guarantee of long-term growth.

Now, you get a rose that’s ready to thrive in your landscape and burst with color quickly – it’s our latest introduction that’s completely hassle-free. You get the look of an expert garden with virtually no upkeep, all delivered directly to your door.

Don’t wait until they’re gone…the Marc Chagall™ Rose Tree has been developed to perfection. Order yourMarc Chagall Rose today!

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Marc Chagall™ Rose Tree (DELstrirojacre ‘Marc Chagall’) DELstrirojacre ‘Marc Chagall’

How to Grow and Care for Marc Chagall™ Rose Tree

Marc Chagall Rose Tree (DELstrirojacre ‘Marc Chagall’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 6-9 outdoors


Find a spot with well-drained soil and full sun (6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day).

Plant your rose in a hole twice as wide but just as deep as the root ball. Water immediately to establish roots. Add a 3-inch layer of mulch to prevent weeds.

If you’re planting in a container, select a pot that’s about twice the size of your plant’s shipped container and use organic soil. Place your rose, water to settle its roots, and find a sunny spot on your porch or patio to place your container.


Water weekly, or check the surrounding soil. When the soil is dry about 3 inches down, it’s time to water your rose.

If your rose is container-planted, water until you see it flowing from the drainage holes at the bottom.


Feed with a liquid rose fertilizer, once in the spring and once in the summer. Follow the instructions on the package.


Other than shaping, no pruning is required.

Marc Chagall Rose Tree (DELstrirojacre ‘Marc Chagall’) Details

Common name Marc Chagall™ Rose Tree
Botanical name DELstrirojacre ‘Marc Chagall’
Plant type Flowering Trees
Hardiness zone 6-9 outdoors
Growth rate Medium
Height 5-8 ft.
Width 2-3 ft.