Mardi Gras Rose

  • Pink/Orange/Yellow Blooms
  • Glossy Dark-Green Foliage
  • Award Winning & Disease Resistant
  • Spicy Perfume

The Floribunda Rose, Mardi Gras PPAF, ‘Rosa sp. ‘JACfrain’, produces a large Rose with a novel blend of pink, orange, and yellow and it has a special spicy fragrance.

The blooms are framed with dark green foliage that is shiny and gleams in the sun. The Mardi Gras rose will open to a 4 inch in diameter flower which dramatically stands out in the garden!

It is an All-American Rose Selection winner and it’s easy to see why! Big blooms and glossy foliage plus disease resistance and easy care, all go a long way in today’s landscape.

Use this Rose as a hedge, an accent, or in a border. Floribundas are distinguished from Hybrid Teas because they bear their flowers in large, dense clusters or trusses with many blooms opening simultaneously in each truss.