Minneola Tangelo Tree

  • Easy to grow
  • Readily adapts to container growing
  • Pest and disease resistant
  • Adapts to different soils and climates
  • Fragrant blooms
  • Organic homegrown fruit

When this citrus fruit is sold by the gift fruit industry they call it ‘Honeybell’. Minneola Tangelo citrus trees are so succulent, there is very little pulp or seeds for that matter. This luscious sweet-tangy citrus fruit is a cross between white grapefruit and sweet juicy tangerines. No matter where you live, you can harvest your own homegrown, chemical free organic Minneola Tangelos. Eat them off the tree, cook or can with them but don’t forget to enjoy the fresh squeezed juice and awesome fruit smoothies.

Minneola Tangelo Trees are Easily Grown in Containers in Northern Climates.

This attractive round canopied tree is a dwarf, reaching 12 feet tall in the yard and much shorter in a container. Unlike many kinds of fruit trees, citrus trees will live for many years in a 5 gallon pot without root pruning or re-potting! This low maintenance house tree usually bears fruit in February. For best results, when growing these in containers, be sure to use a well-drained potting mixture. Minneola Tangelos do best if you don’t allow them to completely dry out. Pick a sunny window for winter months and enjoy the fresh picked flavor of citrus!

Minneola Tangelos and Other Citrus Trees Don’t Need Full Sun!

In fact, the thing that makes any citrus fruit the sweetest is warm temperatures, not sunshine. The more sunlight your new Minneola Tangelo tree gets during the flowering season in summer, the heavier your harvest of organic citrus fruit will be. Be sure to select your outdoor planting spot with that in mind. Noting how shadows fall throughout the day is important to get the most out of your citrus harvest. It is most important to keep these citrus trees from drying out during the growing and ripening seasons, otherwise you could experience fruits that split open.

Beautiful, Brilliant Red Orange Minneola Tangelos Brighten Winter Days and Your Health.

These thin skinned extra juicy citrus fruits are easy to peel, and of course have an excellent storage life. Like all citrus fruit, the Minneola Tangelo is an excellent source of Vitamin C and natural fiber. While their sweetness is due to high sugar content, it is important to remember that nature’s sugary inclusion is far better for your health and figure than processed sugars produced from corn and beets. You are going to love all the benefits of this gift quality fruit grown chemical-free right there at home.

One of the Few Nurseries Selling Minneola Tangelo Trees.

The Honeybell citrus doesn’t get the attention it deserves from other Internet nurseries. Your new organic tangelo tree will arrive in excellent shape, vigorous and ready to go to work producing some delicious fruit. Be sure to order your Tangelo Trees soon, because rate tree will not be in stock.

If you live in an area colder than growing zone 8, you must bring your citrus tree indoors during the winter months.