Mount Royal Plum

Blue Prune-Type Mount Royal Plum Tree

  • Rare Round Plums
  • Sweet, Juicy Fruit
  • Lovely White Blooms with an Enchanting Scent
  • Self-Pollinating
  • Blue European Prune Plum
  • Freestone Variety

Are you looking for your personal crop of a delicious and easy-to-grow superfood? Plums are the perfect way to invest in your health and the beauty of your yard. Which plum variety will leave you feeling peachy?

The Mount Royal Plum (Prunus ‘Mount Royal’) will produce picture-perfect plums with yields that will make you the most popular person in your neighborhood if you feel up to sharing. Not only does the Mount Royal Plum produce delicious fruit, but it also is self-pollinating.

Mount Royal Plums are uniquely round with deep blue skin with an iridescent sheen that reads as violet overtones. These opulent beauties become even more striking when sliced. Their deep coloration is offset by bright yellow flesh with brilliant greenish undertones.

These succulent plums can be described as looking like giant purple muscadine grapes, especially when you see them clustered as they ripen on the tree’s fine branches.

As far as flavor, these sweet plums are royalty among their peers. Mount Royal Plums contain abundant juice and deep, multi-layered plum flavors. You don’t have to work hard to enjoy the fruits of your labor. The Mount Royal Plum is a freestone variety, which means its flesh pulls easily from the pit.

The Mount Royal Plum is a European blue prune plum (great for drying). These tasty plums also make great jelly.

What makes plums an excellent choice for the home gardener? You cannot beat the fresh flavor of a plum plucked from the tree in your yard. But these fruits are just a treat for your tastebuds, they’re also a healthy snack.

Plums are rich in vitamin C which is a key component for a healthy circulatory system and eyes. Plums also contain phytochemicals and antioxidants that reduce inflammation and anxiety. They’re also a great source of potassium.

This petite tree is a feast for the eyes all year long. In spring it lights up with white plum blossoms that fill the air with the fresh scent of spring. These flowers flock the Mount Royal Plum’s branches with their elegant five-petaled form and long, feminine stamen.

If you want to add a little more charm to your flower arrangements, you can add some of these sweet blooms. While you’re enjoying the sight and scent of these fanciful blooms, your local bees will be enjoying their pollen.

In summer, the Mount Royal Plum offers neat green foliage with precisely incised edges. With a wide canopy, there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy each angle of its quaint form.

Of course, as summer turns to fall may be the best season to be the proud owner of a Mount Royal Plum. August is when its fruit reaches optimal ripeness.

After its fruit has been collected and fall comes into full swing, this tree’s leaves will glow golden yellow. And once these leaves bid their farewell, you can still enjoy the Mount Royal Plum’s intricate and attractive branch structure.

How to Use the Mount Royal Plum in the Landscape

The Mount Royal Plum is ideal for home gardeners that want to increase their fruit tree collection without crowding their yards. The Mount Royal Plum makes a lovely centerpiece as a small, fruiting specimen that does not require a pollinator.

You can even use this petite fruit tree as an edible and beneficial accent in your landscape. It will glow with fruit and provide you with height. Of course, you can also add some va-va-voom to your veggie garden with a Mount Royal Plum planted on the north end.

Tips for Care

When choosing a spot for this fun and fruiting beauty, consider planting it in full sun with well-drained soil. This will set your plum tree up for success. Watering your plum tree well helps the tree produce its best fruit. Free-flowing air and morning sun will also make this tree quite happy.

While the Mount Royal Plum doesn’t require a pollination partner, you can plant it in pairs or small groups to increase fruit production and size.

Prune your Mount Royal Plum each winter to keep it healthy and looking its best.

The Mount Royal Plum is a regal, attractive, reliable plum producer that will also delight your eyes.