Mr. Goodbud Sedum (Sedum ‘Mr. Goodbud’)

Mr. Goodbud Sedum

Exquisite color, six-inch bloomsSome Sedums give you…more. Mr. Goodbud (Sedum ‘Mr. Goodbud’) lives up to his name, with gigantic flower heads in a range of deep harvest hues. This plant turns heads with its showy display. With a compact, tidy form that fits beautifully even in already-stuffed garden borders, you’ll be able to find a place for Mr. Goodbud. This is a perfect plant to highlight with a starring feature role in autumn.

You could call it rugged, with a strong upright growth habit and durable stems. Broad, flat flower heads develop with large white buds in mid-summer. The display deepens across the spectrum from beautiful, burnished reds to bright magenta purples and electric rose-pink. Sounds spectacular, right? You’ll have to see this plant to believe it!

Use it where the setting sun will set off the starry flowers in a fiery display!

Mr. Goodbud grows with vigor, even in rocky or poor soils. The handsome form is bushy and well-branched and the red stems easily carry the weight of the six-inch blooms. Deep blue-green succulent foliage brings an impactful “gravitas” to the edge of your sunny planting beds all season. The serrated leaves are glaucous with a grayed-purple cast.

Mr. Goodbud is cold hardy, deer resistant, heat and drought tolerant, AND so beautiful in the fall! This superior Sedum selection attracts droves of late-season, bees and butterflies, and migrating pollinators such as the Monarch, who rely on the nectar. But you’ll have plenty of blooms to steal a few for your indoor floral bouquets without feeling too jealous!

Planting and Application:

Use in containers for an eye-catching and easy-care focal point. They happily decorate balconies, decks, patios, and porches. They’ll forgive you if you forget to water them from time to time! Add colorful cheer and these evenly mounded clumps as formal and informal planter thrillers around your seating areas and poolside deck.

Include sunny borders near the edge of the bed. Wonderful edging and filler plants, plus the orderly growth and bright color add the finishing touch to your garden borders and edges! Rock Gardens, pollinator borders, Cottage borders, and Xeric landscaping area where these plants really shine! Even thriving in tough spots like hell strips along the road, sidewalk, and driveway!

They’ll be a magnificent partner for Asters or Coneflowers for a wonderful autumn display! Create a modern planting by using it in front of Ornamental Grasses to polish the look. You’ll gain movement, color, and bold style. Add Adam’s Needle Yucca for a desert look, even in Zone 4, but just as brilliantly through Zone 9!

Fill a wide, open area with a mass planting of Mr. Goodbud. Space them 10 inches apart, measuring from the center of one to the center of the next. By planting like this, you’ll pretty up large drifts of bare ground, slow erosion on slopes, and create a spectacle out of a hard-to-mow hillside!

Underplant with several kinds of groundcover Sedum as part of a special, curated collection. You’ll enjoy months of blooms without lifting a finger by choosing a mixture of Sedum and perennial varieties with overlapping bloom times.

  • Very Showy Stonecrop & Award of Garden Merit Winner
  • Early-Blooming Purple Pink Flowers Are Half a Foot Wide!
  • Large Flower Heads On Sturdy, Purple-Red Stems Resist Flopping
  • Beloved by Migrating Butterflies as Late Season Nectar Resource
  • Blue-Green, Succulent Foliage
  • Trim, Compact Form
  • Outstanding Fall Color & Winter Interest
  • Rock Gardens, Specimen, Edging, Containers & En Masse

Tips for Care:

These widely adaptable, low-maintenance plants are easy to grow in average, dry to medium, well-drained soil. Give it full sun all day long, at least 6 hours of direct sunlight is required. During the first season, give it a medium amount of water on a regular basis. After the fleshy roots are well-established in your soil, you can ease off on the supplemental water. We always recommend that you protect your investment with water in a prolonged drought. But Mr. Goodbud Sedum is a water-wise perennial, but do appreciate a 3-4 inch layer of arborist mulch around the root zone to keep more moisture consistency in the soil.

Leave the dried stalks standing for winter. The large dried flowers catch and sculpt light snowfall in a very interesting way and birds pluck seeds from them for a late-season treat. For a clean-looking appearance, remove the old foliage before new growth begins in the early spring.

  • Easily Grown in Full Sun
  • Thrives in Almost Any Well-Drained Soil – Poor Soil Tolerant
  • Regular Moisture At First – Drought Tolerant Once Established
  • Prune Down Early Spring
  • Deer Don’t Prefer This Gorgeous Plant
  • Cold Hardy, Heat & Drought Tolerant

You’ll always admire this high-performing, boldly colorful perennial.

Mr. Goodbud Sedum (Sedum ‘Mr. Goodbud’) Details

Common name Mr. Goodbud Sedum
Botanical name Sedum 'Mr. Goodbud'
Plant type Perennial
Hardiness zone 4-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 15 - 18 inches
Width 12 - 15 inches
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium to Low
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Purplish-Pink
Leaf color Perennial