Multi-Color Mums (Chrysanthemums) (Chrysanthemum)

Multi-Color Mums (Chrysanthemums)


What is Multi-Color Mums (Chrysanthemums)

Mums are a fall favorite for good reason – these low-maintenance, fall-blooming flowers add a welcome pop of color to bare landscapes, long after other flowering plants have died back!

The mums’ signature round, happy blooms will last from early fall until the first frost – and these ones come perfectly potted in multi-color arrangements in your favorite autumn hues.

Plant a few in contrasting colors around your patio, or add them to an entryway display – they’ll fit perfectly with your seasonal decor. (An added bonus? You can plant them in the ground after they’re done blooming, and enjoy them again next fall!)

Throughout the season, we’ll have a range of multi-color options to choose from. Pick your favorite, and enjoy these long-lasting blooms all the way until winter!

Multi-Color Mums (Chrysanthemums) (Chrysanthemum) Chrysanthemum

How to Grow and Care for Multi-Color Mums (Chrysanthemums)

Multi-Color Mums (Chrysanthemums) (Chrysanthemum) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 4-11 outdoors


Place your mums in a sunny area in your home or yard. While you can plant your mums in the ground to enjoy for multiple seasons, many people use them as a fall-blooming annual and keep them in pots around their porch, patio or entryway.


Water your mums once or twice a week, depending on how dry the soil is. You’ll want to keep the soil consistently moist, but not overwatered.


To prolong your blooms, you can deadhead often, as wilted blooms start to die off. Prune any wilting or dead blooms, as well as dead stems, to keep your mums looking good longer.

Multi-Color Mums (Chrysanthemums) (Chrysanthemum) Details

Common name Multi-Color Mums (Chrysanthemums)
Botanical name Chrysanthemum
Hardiness zone 4-11 outdoors
Growth rate Medium
Height 1 ft.
Width 1-2 ft.