Multi-Peach Tree (Prunus persica)

Multi-Peach Tree


What is Multi-Peach Tree

Want to grow something extra sweet this summer? With this multi-fruit tree, you’ll get not just one but two or even three peach varieties from a single tree!

Enjoy your peach tree’s lovely flowers in the spring, and succulent fruit in its peak season – no matter where you’re located! Watch it flourish best in full sunlight, and reach up to 20 ft. tall and wide once it reaches full size.

The best part? Our hand-grafted peach trees will produce two or three types of fruit in its very first season, depending on which variety you choose! This means that the growth of the tree is sped up – soyou get a mature harvest with virtually no upkeep. You’ll get seasons of delicious, juicy peaches – perfect for snacking fresh off the tree, or baking into your favorite recipes.

While we can’t guarantee the Peach varieties you’ll get on this tree, you will get two to threevarieties of delicious, home-grown fruit to enjoy for years to come!

We take great pride in nurturing our trees long before we ship them to you. In fact, we’ve shaved years off the time it would take you to grow your fruit because we’ve done the hand grafting process for you. This isn’t something you’d find at your local big-box retailer!

Want home-grown access to the juiciest peaches you’ve ever tasted right in your own backyard? Hurry and get your Multi-Peach Tree, today!

Multi-Peach Tree (Prunus persica) Prunus persica

How to Grow and Care for Multi-Peach Tree

Multi-Peach Tree (Prunus persica) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 5-8 outdoors
Harvest time August


Plant your tree in well-drained soil and in a full sun area. Place your tree and cover the roots with soil, water, and gently pat the soil down until the roots are completely covered.


Watering once a week by leaving a hose at the base of the tree for a couple of hours is sufficient.


After your tree has been in the ground for 6 weeks, apply 1 lb. of a balanced fertilizer. In addition, apply ¾ lb. of fertilizer in the spring before new growth. Repeat this in the summer and fall.


Prune the first two years to encourage fruit production. Prune your tree in late winter or early spring using pruning shears and making your cuts at a 45-degree angle.

Multi-Peach Tree (Prunus persica) Details

Common name Multi-Peach Tree
Botanical name Prunus persica
Plant type Fruit Trees, Bushes
Hardiness zone 5-8 outdoors
Growth rate Medium
Harvest time August
Height 15-20 ft.
Width 15-20 ft.