Nellie Stevens Holly Tree

The Nellie Stevens Holly is a dense privacy evergreen that’s adaptable, dense, and fast growing!

  • Quickly grows up to 3 ft per year
  • Perfect for privacy hedges and wind screens
  • Doesn’t need maintenance… thrives on neglect

The Most Popular Holly for Privacy

Quickly growing in popularity among landscape designers because they are so easy to maintain… just plant them and watch them grow into a dense green wall!

This holly’s impenetrable leaves make it a natural privacy hedge and easily blocks out neighbors and noise. Plant several in a row 5-6 feet apart and you’ll get a handsome and well-designed privacy hedge.

Easy to Grow

You’ll appreciate how this holly maintains its deep green foliage all year long. Nellie Stevens leaves are thick and lustrous, making it perfect for hedges.

Springtime brings the appearance of discreet white flowers that will mature into bright red berries by fall. The scarlet berries are a glorious vision against the deep green foliage, and you’ll definitely want to clip a few branches to decorate your home for the holidays.

Looks Great Anywhere

Also popular as an accent tree- setting off the corners of a house or your patio. Just plant it and watch it grow, up to 3 feet per year. You simply trim it to match whatever height you prefer.

This holly does very well in urban areas where air pollution can be a problem for many trees and shrubs. It’s perfectly suited in small strips of soil along a sidewalk or street.

If you’re a bird watcher, you’ll enjoy how the berries attract a variety of birds such as robins, cedar waxwings and mockingbirds. As a bonus for you, deer steer clear away from the Nellie Stevens Holly.

This plant is happiest in partial to full sun, is drought-tolerant and adapts to most any soil type.