North Pole Columnar Apple

  • Column-Type Tree, Very Narrow & Space Saving!
  • Any Other Apple Tree Will Pollinate It
  • Full-Sized Red Fruit – Baking, Eating, Fresh & Cider
  • Easy Care & Very Hardy

Trust us, North Pole Columnar Apple tree is going to be the talk of your neighborhood next year. We guarantee that you’ll be getting questions.

Even though it is perfect for small yard and container planting, it is traffic-stopping when planting in a large yard.

This cute little cultivar was discovered several years ago and has become a sensation in the gardening world. It grows vertically and has no branching to speak of. The Apples grow in clusters on the tree trunk, looking very much like Brussels Sprouts growing. You’ll be hard-pressed to find something as unique as this to grow in your garden!

The Apples are large and red, very much like McIntosh Apples. They are a treat to eat fresh – deliciously sweet and juicy – but you’ll want to use it for baking and cider, too. They ripen in late August/early September and often produce a crop the first year after planting. These natural dwarfs. They need a pollinator, but can be pollinated by any other Apple tree, so buy a pair for best fruit production.

These grow well in large containers, which makes them perfect for sunny patios and balconies or really any place without a lot of room for a full-sized fruit tree. They are striking in a large planter bed, too, surrounded by perennials and shrubs.