October Magic Camellia

Enjoy Lush Eye Catching Bicolor Fall Blooms!

  • White Double Blooms with Bold Magenta Margins
  • Deer, Drought, and Heat tolerant
  • Disease Resistant
  • Low Maintenance

Enjoy a truly extraordinary bloom with the new October Magic Inspiration™ Camellia. Southern Living did it again! The October Magic series is taking the plant world by storm and receiving rave reviews from professionals and novices alike. The Inspiration is our favorite with an exciting bicolor white to deep pink bloom that is just break-taking.

In fall to early winter, an abundance of unique double blooms turn this pretty evergreen shrub into a sight to behold. The flowers are huge and lush, similar to an open old fashioned rose. White lacy petals are kissed with a bluish tint and magenta edges. The October Magic Inspiration™ Camellia also gives off a lightly sweet fragrance that is intoxicating.

The shiny deep green leaves do not drop in fall or winter so you can enjoy a nice shrub year-round! This also makes the October Magic series perfect for a unique privacy hedge. New foliage emerges maroon adding even more color!

October Magic Inspiration™ Camellia is salt, drought, and heat tolerant as well as disease and deer resistant. They prefer to be grown in well-drained soil that is fertile, moist, and acidic.

Camellias grow best in partial sun to partial shade, but they can tolerate full sun exposure. The October Magic Inspiration™ Camellia is a low-maintenance beauty. No matter how big or small your landscape this vivid autumn bloomer will certainly add just the right touch.
October Magic Inspiration Camellia Care

Plant your camellia any time of the year taking care to avoid temperature extremes. The October Magic series grows in planting zones 7 to 9.

While the October Magic series will tolerate full sun, planting in part sun to part shade will offer the best blooms. Camellias enjoy fertile, acidic, moist, but well drained soil. When newly planted, water deeply at least twice weekly. Camellias prefer a moist soil, but water requirements do diminish as the plant ages and is able to shade its own roots. Mulching is a great way to keep the roots cool, soil moist, and add nutrients to the soil. Prune in late winter or early spring if needed to remove dead and dying branches or correct aesthetic or structural issues

The October Magic Series is disease and deer resistant, and heat, drought, and salt tolerant.

Landscape ideas

There are many different ways to incorporate the October Magic Inspiration™ Camellia into your landscape. It can be used in a mixed border or for hedges or mass plantings. Try this gorgeous gem in a container for a distinctive look with loads of style.  At 6-8 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide at maturity these easy to grow camellia stay much more compact that other camellias. The October Magic Inspiration™ Camellia is a perfect focal plant in urban areas with small landscapes. But these exciting camellias shine anywhere!  And they are sure to make your transform your landscape in fall to winter when nothing else is blooming!