Oliana Olive Tree (Olea europaea ‘Oliana’)

Oliana Olive Tree


What is Oliana Olive Tree

Ready to dive into delicious, plentiful harvests of olives? Then, sink your teeth into the Oliana Olive Tree!

A hybrid between the Arbequina and Arbosana varieties, this Spanish olive is filled with flavor that can’t be beat. Its taste is more spicy rather than bitter, creating a delicious addition to salads, pastas, pizzas and beyond!

Later to ripen than other olive varieties, you’ll enjoy the Oliana Olive after other harvests have ended. Plus, it’s known to yield higher harvests than similar varieties, making it a highly rewarding fruit tree to have around!

What’s more is that the Oliana Olive is drought tolerant, easy to grow, tolerant to leaf spot and withstands low temperatures better than the Arbequina Olive does.

Choose the Oliana Olive Tree for landscape spaces large and small. Because it has a compact, semi-upright growth habit, it’ll fit in just about anywhere, from in-ground plantings to containers.

It’s time to indulge in flavorful, robust olives.

Oliana Olive Tree (Olea europaea 'Oliana') Olea europaea 'Oliana'

How to Grow and Care for Oliana Olive Tree

Oliana Olive Tree (Olea europaea ‘Oliana’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 4-11 patio / 10-11 outdoors
Harvest time October - November


You should plant your olive tree in a small container where it will get full sun. Once it has reached a few feet tall, you can move it to a permanent place to grow outside (if in growing zones 10-1- . Do this by digging a hole twice as wide (and just as deep) as the root ball. Place your olive tree inside and backfill the soil. For all other zones, keep your olive tree indoors or only on the patio in the warmer months.


Allow your olive tree to dry out in between waterings. However, when the soil is dry (down to about the first two inches), water it deeply, ensuring the soil becomes fully saturated.


Use a high nitrogen fertilizer, something like a 17-6-10 timed-release formula. And if your olive shows signs of weeds, simply remove the weeds and as much of the weed root system as possible.


Thin out young plants to 3 to 4 main branches. After blooming in spring, clip the tips of the branches. Make the cut just above the point where a pair of leaves attaches to the stem. Leave each branch at least 6 inches long, but how much longer is up to you and what will look good on your balcony or patio.


Oliana Olives are usually self-fertile. However, you will get better fruit production if you have more than one tree. Be sure to either choose two of the same variety, or if you are picking different varieties, two or more trees that bloom at the same time.

Oliana Olive Tree (Olea europaea ‘Oliana’) Details

Common name Oliana Olive Tree
Botanical name Olea europaea 'Oliana'
Plant type Fruit Trees, Bushes
Hardiness zone 4-11 patio / 10-11 outdoors
Growth rate Slow
Harvest time October - November
Height 6-10 ft.
Width 3-6 ft.