Orange Crush Jackfruit Tree (Artocarpus heterophyllus ‘Orange Crush’)

Orange Crush Jackfruit Tree

Gorgeous ornamental evergreen tropical plants always make a striking impact on the landscape! For those gardeners lucky enough to live in a subtropical climate, hot growing zone, or have a greenhouse, the Orange Crush Jackfruit Tree (Artocarpus heterophyllus ‘Orange Crush’) will certainly turn heads!

A member of the Fig family, the leathery evergreen leaves are glossy and richly colored. Loving more humid and hot environments, the blooms appear as reddish-orange sprays right on the trunk, each with a ruffled cluster of stamen in the middle of the wide-spreading petals. Boasting an unusual fragrance that you’ll either love or hate. Often wind or insects pollinate these, but some hand-pollination won’t hurt.

The enormous fruit appears directly on the trunk and has distinct green spikey rind and the juicy, segmented orange flesh inside! Producing fruit as early as a couple of years of age, mature trees can produce a hundred pounds of fruit a year!

Planting and Application:

Orange Crush Jackfruit has been described as tasting like a well-known juicy fruit-flavored gum, bananas and other tropical flavors. The aromatic flesh can be used in a wide variety of sweet and savory recipes, substituting meat in some recipes because of the texture.

Jackfruit Trees can be kept very small and even suitable for container plantings, both indoors and out. Any sunny porch, patio or picture window can grow one of these unique tropical plants, provided you have enough humidity and light. Wonderful specimen and certainly a standout conversation piece!

  • Great Specimen & Container Plant
  • Shiny Leathery Evergreen Foliage
  • Unique Blooms & Fruit Growing Along Trunk
  • Huge Flavorful Fruit With Textured Rind
  • Tropical Orange Flesh Segments

Tips for Care:

Jackfruit Trees love the heat and humidity subtropical climates provide, so mimic this environment for your tree with consistent average moisture and humidity. Provide your tree protection from cold, in a full sun location.

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  • Regular Moisture Access & Humidity
  • Prune To Control Size – Small Space Edible Gardening
  • Rich, Fertile, Well-Drained Soil

So unique! The Orange Crush Jackfruit Tree will certainly turn heads when you plant one of these unique tropical evergreens in your landscape this year!

Orange Crush Jackfruit Tree (Artocarpus heterophyllus ‘Orange Crush’) Details

Common name Orange Crush Jackfruit Tree
Botanical name Artocarpus heterophyllus 'Orange Crush'
Plant type Broad-Leaved Evergreen
Hardiness zone Outdoors 9-11(Indoors 4-11)
Growth rate Medium
Height 6 - 10 ft.
Width 6 - 8 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained Soil
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Fruiting
Flower color White