Pandora Ligularia (Ligularia dentata ‘Pandora’)

Pandora Ligularia

  • Excellent in Partial to Full Shade
  • Dark Purple Leaves and Stiff and Serrated
  • Lustrous Round Leaves Make a Big Impact
  • Early Summer Flowers Held Above the Mounded Foliage
  • Strappy-Petaled Yellow Blooms Feature Purple Centers
  • Pollinator-Friendly Selection
  • Clump-Forming
  • Grows in Wet Soil
  • Tolerates Heavy Clay Soil
  • Easy Care Accent
  • Deer Don’t Usually Mess With Leopard Plants

Think outside the box! Pandora Ligularia (Ligularia dentata ‘Pandora’) adds a deliciously dark, bold-textured look to semi-shaded areas with soggy soil.

Decorate a low-light Rain Garden to filter runoff from roofs and streets before it flows into the storm drain. Or, simply plant it to turn a depression in your lawn into a feature area.

Like all Ligularia, this choice has a lot of personality. Pandora adds an architectural element with strong color and leathery dark leaves.

Finely-toothed leaves are broad and reflexed to catch rainwater. Kids love to study their tiny reflections in these miniature natural pools.

Butterflies appreciate the water, too! They’ll also be delighted to visit the broat, flat centers of the ray-shaped blooms in summertime. Slender petals are a strong yellow-gold.

The blooms are held on leafless stalks above the robust mound of foliage. No one can miss this showy display!

Turn the north side of your home into a wildlife habitat. Plant Ferns, Sedges, Goat’s Beard and other water-loving shade perennials alongside them for a perfect partnership.

They’ll be magnificent under an Eastern Redbud or Weeping Pussy Willow planted at water’s edge. Add several in a mass planting to create a prominent focal point.

Plant a huge-leaved Colocasia as living artwork in your garden. Then, amp up the impact with dwarf Pandora Ligularia at it’s base.

Collect all our Leopard Plants for a dynamic look. These easy care perennials come back for you year after year.

In warmer climates, the thick leaves remain evergreen. With consistent moisture and rich soil, you can easily weave them into your perennial borders and keep in exceptionally showy garden containers, as well!

This durable compact Ligularia only looks dramatic! Care requirements are actually minimal, and take moments a year.

Trim spent yellow flowers back to keep the look tidy. Carefully remove the winter-damaged purple foliage in springtime in a tender moment with your beautiful Pandoras.

This improved cultivar is in hot demand, and we only have a limited inventory each year.

Pandora Ligularia (Ligularia dentata ‘Pandora’) Details

Common name Pandora Ligularia
Botanical name Ligularia dentata 'Pandora'
Plant type Perennial
Hardiness zone 6-9
Growth rate Slow
Height 12 - 16 inches
Width 18 - 20 inches
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture High
Soil condition Tolerates Wet Soil
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Orange Yellow