Patriot Hosta Plant (Hosta ‘Patriot’)

Patriot Hosta Plant


What is Patriot Hosta Plant

Bright-white edges on deep-green leaves set the Patriot Hosta apart, making it a standout star in shady garden areas. In fact, the Patriot earned the 1997 Hosta of the Year Award because of its beautiful coloration and its resilience, thriving in both heat and shade.

The Patriot’s teardrop-shaped leaves and lavender-purplish flowers form along tall stems that bring graceful pollinators to your garden. From its heat tolerance and its ability to thrive in shade to its good looks and eco-friendly benefits, the Patriot Hosta does it all.

The Patriot was chosen by experts for its eye-catching foliage and strong growth. And since it grows into a tidy, effortless look naturally, these plants will stay low and neat with no trimming from you.

They spread and fill the space around them without any guesswork on your part because we’ve done the work ahead of time for you.

Now, you reap the rewards with an easy yet elegant groundcover that’s second to none. But don’t wait…get your Patriot Hosta Plant today!

Patriot Hosta Plant (Hosta 'Patriot') Hosta 'Patriot'

How to Grow and Care for Patriot Hosta Plant

Patriot Hosta Plant (Hosta ‘Patriot’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 3-8 outdoors


Ensure you plant your Hosta in the shade (partial sun also works) and choose a space with well-drained soil.

Dig a hole large enough to accommodate your plant’s root ball, place your plant and backfill the surrounding soil.

For container planting, select a pot that’s about twice the width of your plant’s root ball, place your Hosta, and backfill with organic soil mix.


Water your Hosta after planting. Natural rainfall will take care of the rest.

Patriot Hosta Plant (Hosta ‘Patriot’) Details

Common name Patriot Hosta Plant
Botanical name Hosta 'Patriot'
Plant type Groundcovers, Vines
Hardiness zone 3-8 outdoors
Growth rate Medium
Height 2 ft.
Width 3-4 ft.