Peach Drift Groundcover Rose (Rosa ‘Meiggili’)

Peach Drift Groundcover Rose

For a perfect accent plant that polishes the look of all your landscape plantings, try Peach Drift® Rose (Rosa ‘Meiggili’). These floriferous dwarf shrubs produce an abundance of soft peach blooms that cover the plant from mid-spring to the first freeze of late fall!

You’ll adore these low, mounding, low-maintenance plants that are a cross between full-size Groundcover Roses and Miniatures. From the Groundcover Roses side of the family, they kept toughness, disease resistance, and winter hardiness. From their Miniature Rose cousins, they inherited their well-managed size and repeat-blooming nature!

There is a tremendous richness to the flowers, with a fascinating depth of color. Tiny buds are a tightly held orange promise that unfurls to show off their delicate pale peach petals. The bees and butterflies will go wild!

Be sure to clip a few sprays to use in your cut flower arrangements! They bloom in lavish successive flushes all through the growing season. Trim them regularly and use them to decorate your interior tablescapes. Lustrous dark green foliage makes a wonderful foil for the plentiful blooms.

You’ll love their compact size and repeat-blooming nature all growing season long. Drift® Roses perform beautifully all across the country. Hardy throughout chilly USDA growing zone 4, through hot and humid hardiness zones 11 – there is little that will faze these flowers! You’ll never grow tired of them!

Planting and Application:

Although this plant has many admirable features, one of the best has to be the versatility of Peach Drift® Rose. It is a great mixer, or fill plant that can brighten and polish sunny areas throughout your yard. Their showy blooms blend so beautifully with other perennials in any landscape style, from Cottage Gardens to contemporary and everything in between. Peach Drift® easy-going spreading habit and colorful blooms look amazing with evergreen shrubs and trees! Incorporate into an easy-care foundation planting as a high-end option.

Dress up the front steps, or add luscious hues to your front entry planters. Go formal or country with either a tall elegant urn or half whiskey barrel. Either way, you’ll look like a professional landscape designer with Groundcover Roses spilling over the edges! Patio gardens, balcony gardens and container plantings in both front and backyard seating areas get a glow-up with peachy blooms in pots!

Use as a supporting player, as it sets bold-colored plants off to perfection. Or, you can easily plan your garden design around its pleasing hues as your main feature. Don’t forget to include a few of these near your Victory Garden to increase your yields! They serve as a long-blooming nectar resource plant for local beneficial pollinators. Encircle your Rose Garden in easy care edging, or give older Rose bushes a facer shrub skirting to tidy up their bare leggy lower stems!

Of course, it can be used as a groundcover plant, as a mass planting, or as a long-blooming focal point in the mixed border. Halt erosion on a hillside, or make a dangerous-to-mow slope sparkle in the sun! Top off a retaining wall with gorgeous blooms! To fill a wide, open area with gorgeous color, plant them 24 inches apart on center. Measure from the center of one to the center of the next.

Peachie hues look fantastic with white, purple, and yellow blooms. Try contrasting them against glorious blue flowers. Create a modern ombre planting by using adjacent hues such as red, pink, and apricot. You literally can’t go wrong with the flower power of the Peach Drift®. This pretty partner is a foolproof way to make other plants look better.

Need to go bigger and make the neighbors a bit more green with envy? Try a Peach Drift® Rose Tree-form underplanted with Drift Roses on a fancy berm in your front yard! Or anchor a foundation planting with a Rose Tree on the corner of your home and a row of Peach Drift® Groundcover Roses along some glossy evergreen foundation plants for a real polished effect!

  • Buds Start Orange, Open to Soft Peach Blooms
  • Lustrous, Dark Green Foliage
  • Lush, Compact Growth Habit
  • Amazingly Floriferous – Display Mid-Spring through Frost
  • Butterfly Magnet & Great Cut Flower Sprays
  • Perfect for Containers and Small Gardens

Tips for Care:

Peach Drift® Roses are very easy-to-grow, low-maintenance, exhibit strong disease resistance, and won’t give you an ounce of trouble when planted in full sun and well-drained soil that won’t retain water for long.! These hardy darlings even tolerate partial shade – especially in the hotter of their growing zone range where they appreciate afternoon shade. All Roses love the leaf-drying power of the morning sun!

They take extreme cold, humidity, and even scorching high temps. Protect your investment by giving them the planting conditions they need. Site selection is important for Roses, and we always recommend Nature Hills Root Booster when planting to get your Roses off to the best start.

Use a container, or mound up additional soil 18 inches above your native soil line if you suffer from poor drainage. Plant Peach Drift® Roses directly in that mound. Add a border to finish the look like a raised bed.

They need a consistent, moderate amount of water on a regular basis. Add a 3 to 4-inch layer of mulch over the root system, and plan to reapply in spring. Over time, the mulch will break down to improve your soil!

Prune in early spring by simply cutting back last year’s growth to 12 inches. Remove any broken, crossing, or winter-damaged branches at that time. If you deadhead regularly, reblooming will be encouraged.

  • Full Sun
  • Consistent Moisture & Fertilization
  • Requires Well-Drained Organically Enriched Soil
  • Prune Early Spring
  • Healthy, Disease Resistant Foliage

No wonder people across the country love these beautifully bushy, reblooming groundcover Roses. Peach Drift® Roses are a wonderful addition to your landscape designs.

Peach Drift Groundcover Rose (Rosa ‘Meiggili’) Details

Common name Peach Drift Groundcover Rose
Botanical name Rosa 'Meiggili'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 4-11
Growth rate Medium
Height 12 - 18 inches
Width 18 - 24 inches
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well-Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Peach