Perfume Breeze Rose Tree (Rosa ‘BARise’)

Perfume Breeze™ Rose Tree


What is Perfume Breeze Rose Tree

Some gardeners prioritize highly fragrant roses, while others prefer unusual-looking ones. With the Perfume Breeze™ Rose Tree, you don’t have to choose. This heavy-petaled pink and white beauty has a distinctive smell and a unique, vine-like growing habit – the best of both worlds!

The Perfume Breeze Rose Tree is a climbing Rose Tree, with a compact habit and canes that will stretch to 6-8 feet. The tree’s bright green leaves and burgundy stems sprout clusters of rosettes that bloom consistently throughout the season.

Each rose ranges in color from bright white to light pink. Densely-bundled blooms boast 17 to 25 petals per flower, creating a lush appearance. Plus, this variety offers excellent disease resistance, so you’ll get good looks and reliable performance.

A climbing rose tree like Perfume Breeze™ is the perfect centerpiece for your landscaping. Plant it near arbors or fences, or even near a mailbox, and watch it climb and bloom. And don’t plant it too far from your outdoor gathering spaces either – as you’ll want to catch whiffs of its enticing floral scent!

We nurture your Perfume Breeze Rose Trees before we ship them out to you, giving you an explosion of growth when you receive them. Now, you reap the rewards of our hard work and get continuous pink and white blooms with intoxicating fragrance for weeks at a time.

It’s not everyday that you find a climbing rose tree as scented and sweet as Perfume Breeze – order yours today!

Perfume Breeze™ Rose Tree (Rosa ‘BARise’) Rosa ‘BARise’

How to Grow and Care for Perfume Breeze™ Rose Tree

Perfume Breeze Rose Tree (Rosa ‘BARise’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 5-9 outdoors


Select a well-drained site in full to partial sun (4 to 8 hours of sunlight per day). If you choose a partial sun location, make sure your roses receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day (afternoon shade is better than morning shade).

First, space 3 feet apart if planting multiple trees. Dig a hole twice as wide and twice as deep as the root ball. Backfill the soil until you have a hole the same size or slightly larger than the container the rose is in. Plant the rose at the same depth as it is in the container. Mulch around the base of the tree to keep competing weeds and grasses from growing.


Water around the roots rather than overhead, and water about once or twice weekly. Mulching will greatly assist with soil moisture retention.


Fertilize with an organic rose fertilizer once a month.


Sterilize your sharp pruning shears with hot water or rubbing alcohol, and always prune at an angle. Start by pruning back a little in the spring after the last hard freeze, and remove dead or old canes.

Perfume Breeze Rose Tree (Rosa ‘BARise’) Details

Common name Perfume Breeze™ Rose Tree
Botanical name Rosa ‘BARise’
Plant type Rose Trees
Hardiness zone 5-9 outdoors
Growth rate Medium
Height 6-8 ft.
Width 3-4 ft.