Pink Anthurium (Anthurium ‘Sweet Dream Pink’)

Pink Anthurium


What is Pink Anthurium

One of the prettiest tropical plants to grow at home, the Pink Anthurium looks like a mix between a calla lily and a peace lily. Both the plant’s modified glossy leaves and its prominent spadix – long, bumpy protrusions that are its actual flowers – are vibrant pink, earning the plant its nickname of “Flamingo Flower.” 

The longest-blooming house plant on the market, Anthuriums are ever-blooming, meaning they can bloom year-round! Surrounding the flowers are shiny, heart-shaped spathes (the shiny, teardrop structures that are most prominent on the plant) that are slightly larger than the flowers. This small plant only grows a little over two feet at maturity. 

Because of its love for humidity and indirect, bright light, the Pink Anthurium is the perfect plant for bathrooms or other damp rooms in your home. Still, you can place these plants, which grow by absorbing moisture from the air, on windowsills, tables, or other hard-to-fill spots, as long as they get enough light and water in the air. Some gardeners even clip anthurium for bouquets! 

The best part? The Pink Anthurium is an ideal gift plant since it comes planted in a white container and topped with moss. It’s ready to go and ready to light up any space of the home!. 

Pink Anthuriums add color and exotic flair to your indoor space. Bring the tropics home today! 

Pink Anthurium (Anthurium 'Sweet Dream Pink') Anthurium 'Sweet Dream Pink'

How to Grow and Care for Pink Anthurium

Pink Anthurium (Anthurium ‘Sweet Dream Pink’) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone Indoors


Since your plant comes already planted, simply place your anthurium near a window where it can receive bright, indirect light. It should be placed away from drafts of heat and cold  air. Anthuriums grow by absorbing moisture from the air with their roots. So, ideally, keep the plant in humid conditions, like a bathroom, or run a humidifier or place it on top of a humidifying tray.


Water your plant often enough the soil is moist but not overly wet or completely dry. Without enough water and humidity, leaves will begin to feel crisp. Too much water, and they will wilt and yellow.


Every two weeks during the spring and summer, feed your anthurium with house plant fertilizer diluted to half strength.

Pink Anthurium (Anthurium ‘Sweet Dream Pink’) Details

Common name Pink Anthurium
Botanical name Anthurium 'Sweet Dream Pink'
Plant type House Plants
Hardiness zone Indoors
Growth rate Medium
Height 14-18 in.
Width 5 in.