Pink Heartbreaker Weeping Redbud Tree (Cercis canadensis ‘Pink Heartbreaker’)

Pink Heartbreaker Weeping Redbud Tree

  • Show-Stopping Spring Blooms
  • Four Seasons of Interest
  • Weeping Redbud
  • Eye-Catching Branches

Only the most hardened heart can resist this beautiful new weeping form of Eastern Redbud, with its brilliant spring blooms and improved branching habit. Eastern redbuds are one of America’s favorite trees. Beautiful in spring, summer and fall, these trees are sure-fire can’t miss beauties in your yard.

‘Pink Heartbreaker’ Redbud, Cercis canadensis ‘Pink Heartbreaker’, has a rambling, tumbling, meandering form with more branching than other weeping redbuds. It looks far less formal than other weeping trees, which makes it great for less formal landscapes.

Like all redbuds, ‘Pink Heartbreaker’ Redbud is smothered in small, lavender-pink buds that hug tightly to the branches. They pop out of the leafless stems in late April with the foliage following later. It is a show-stopping look that lasts until mid-May when the leaves begin to emerge. The leaves start out a beautiful red and age to a deep green as summer closes in.

Plant this beauty in full sun where it can be admired year-round. Once the ‘Pink Heartbreaker’ Redbud leaves have turned in the fall, they drop, revealing a striking branching system that is just as eye-catching in the winter as the buds are in the spring.

Combine this tree with purple flowering plants like catmint or lavender for a spring show to be proud of.

Pink Heartbreaker Weeping Redbud Tree (Cercis canadensis ‘Pink Heartbreaker’) Details

Common name Pink Heartbreaker Weeping Redbud Tree
Botanical name Cercis canadensis 'Pink Heartbreaker'
Hardiness zone 5-10
Growth rate Slow
Height 8 - 10 ft.
Width 8 - 10 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun, Partial Shade
Moisture Moist
Soil condition Widely Adaptable
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Flower color Pink
Leaf color Green