Pippin Apples

America’s Oldest Heirloom Newtown Pippin Apple Tree

  • Late Season
  • Oldest American Heirloom Selection
  • Very High Quality American Apple
  • Grown by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson
  • Prolific Harvest
  • Incredible Flavor
  • Extremely Versatile
  • Great for Baking, Fresh Eating, Sauces, Juicing or Hard Ciders
  • Long Storage Life

Way back when America was being settled, fruit trees were grown for their intense flavor and productivity. If a tree was a heavy producer, and had a fine flavor, it got spread about both by bareroot and scion.

We are thrilled to offer America’s Oldest Heirloom Apple trees from our expert growers. But, we know they’ll be in high demand.

History buffs and foodies alike are keen to get their hands on this year’s crop. Order this variety right now if you see it in stock.

Why do people crave the fruit from Newtown Pippin Apple (Malus domestica Newtown Pippin’)?

Well for one thing, this is truly an all-American heirloom selection of apple that dates back to the mid-1600’s. With outstanding, sweet-tart flavor, it gained much early attention.

Secondly, you couldn’t find a more useful apple variety. From its earliest reviews, this unique heirloom apple variety was considered one the best all-around apples of the time.

This is a prized apple for pies and tarts. And the fresh eating, desert quality of the Newtown Pippin is famous throughout the world.

It’s also one of the sought-after varieties for sauces and juicing. And there is no better for a homemade batch of hard cider for the Holidays. As a blending apple, Newtown Pippin is unmatched.

It was found as a chance seedling in the town of Newtown on Long Island east of New York City. You might hear it called Albemarle Pippin, after the county it was developed in.

This incredible apple variety would quickly rise to national popularity, and by 1773 was widely celebrated throughout the land.

The versatility of this fruit caught the eye of both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who planted Newtown Pippins at their estates. Benjamin Franklin shared the apple’s superior flavor with Queen Victoria of England when he brought some on a visit. After that, the Queen waved all tariffs on Virginia apples.

It ripens in the late season and stores beautifully. You’ll harvest Newtown in mid-October or a bit later. This good keeper is a storing apple that just gets better the longer it stays in a cool, dark place.

The one attribute the Newton Pippin lacks is eye appeal. With a patchy, greenish-yellow skin and an odd, rather oblong shape; no one will be awarding this variety any prizes for beauty. But boy, oh boy, you’ll love the taste!

How to Use Newtown Pippin Apple Trees in the Landscape

The fruit will hang on the tree for over a month after reaching full ripeness. That makes an easy harvest for you!

The apples will be very hard when first picked and will develop additional sweetness in storage. Keep them for up to 3 months in a cool, dark place as the starches turn to sugar.

Enjoy the Newtown Pippin Apple’s wonderful aroma and sweet flesh. There is a beautiful balance of sweetness with just enough tart to give it zip and tang. This is a great variety for fresh eating during winter.

This is the perfect blending apple. Mix Pippin with other tart green apples for amazing pies and cobblers. It’s a must for juicing and cider.

This is an apple suited to the warmer climates with a very low chill requirement. It’s also well adapted to zones 5 – 8, and is showing promising results in 9b and 10 a and b.

Please note, Granny Smith is better equipped to tolerate the heat spikes of 9a.

Pollinate with a favorite crabapple selection such as the Dolgo Crabapple. Or, pair this late season variety with an early ripening selection like Gala, a mid-season selection like McIntosh, and a later ripening Fuji. You’ll enjoy apples for 4 to 5 months out of the year.

Use as a hard-working accent in a hedgerow. You’ll space trees 5 feet apart to create a solid screen. Measure from the center of one tree to the center of the next.

For backyard orchard culture, be sure to check out our videos on our YouTube channel.

Tips for Care

Apples will tolerate wet soil, as long as it drains quickly. Look for full sun locations that receive the early morning sun. This is the drying sun and works best to keeps your tree healthy.

Please make sure your trees receive plenty of air circulation. Prune in winter to keep the canopy open. The goal is to improve air flow and allow for better sun penetration.

Prune in summer to control the overall height and spread of the tree. We recommend keeping all fruit trees below 10 feet tall for ease of maintenance and harvest.

Provide a layer of mulch 3 to 4 inches deep, spread out 3 feet from the outside of the canopy. This will help to keep root system cool and cut down surface evaporation. This will help to extend the period between watering, and help you save on water.

There is nothing like this amazing heirloom apple variety. Add one or more to your garden and experience the finest taste treat of our Founding Fathers.

Newtown Pippin is one-of-a-kind and may just be the finest apple ever grown.