Purple Haze Kousa Dogwood Tree (Cornus kousa ‘Purple Haze’)

Purple Haze Kousa Dogwood Tree

Unique and colorful, the Purple Haze Kousa Dogwood tree (Cornus kousa ‘Purple Haze’) is a gorgeous variety of Kousa Dogwood tree with the lovely white blooms of the family! These four-pointed bracts are arranged around greenish true flowers at their centers! Pollinators adore these landing pads and appreciate the spring nectar resource!

The flowering bracts last for a long time in the spring and early summer and accent the green leaves that fill out these rounded ornamental flowering trees! Purple Haze Kousa Dogwood then pulls out the stops in the autumn and rolls out a hazy burnished purple plum fall color to accent the red berries in the autumn! Songbirds will flock to your tree to feast on this late-season bounty!

Hardy throughout USDA growing zones 5-8 and reaches a rounded 15-foot canopy. Dogwoods are cold-hardy and disease-resistant deciduous trees, and once the purple leaves drop in the autumn, you’ll enjoy seeing the elegant branching and red berries gleaming out from the winter snows!

Planting and Application:

Use this rounded Kousa variety as a single specimen tree or as part of an informal grouping in larger yards and naturalized settings. They look magnificent when paired with other Flowering Dogwoods in a berm planting! You’ll love showing this gem off as a street tree!

Purple Haze Kousa Dogwood can be used as large shrubs with their limbs remaining all the way to the ground for privacy and they make big beautiful screening plants! On large properties, you could space them 10-15 feet apart (measuring from trunk to trunk) as a large privacy screen. Mix with other trees, including evergreens to create a healthy, diverse environment. Songbirds and wildlife will love taking shelter in these gorgeous shelterbelts!

Try them along the back of a mixed border. They’ll work hard to give you a much-welcomed showy structure with smaller shrubs and perennials placed in front of them. Kousa is an excellent smaller tree for use near a patio or courtyard area. Rest assured, there will be interest generated in all seasons, plus their unique purple fall hues!

  • White Flower Bracts Last for Weeks For Pollinators!
  • Exfoliating Bark Brings Winter Interest
  • Incredibly Unique Purple Fall Color
  • Birds Adore the Edible Red Fruit
  • Four Seasons of Interest, Shade, Specimens & Spring Color

Tips for Care:

Dogwood Trees really flourish in evenly moist, slightly acidic, well-drained soil, so if your soil holds water for a long time, “mound up”. To do that, simply add an additional 18 – 24 inches of soil above your soil line. Plant directly into the mound. They’ll handle full sun and partial sun equally well but be sure to keep them well watered. They do not like to get dried out. Place mulch in a 3-4 inch layer around the plant to cover the root system. Prune in the late winter or very early spring while the tree is dormant to remove crossing branches and correct size. This particular Dogwood Tree has a better disease tolerance than many other flowering Dogwoods and is generally hardy and easy to care for. Deer won’t like this tree, but birds certainly will… and so will you!

  • More Cold-Hardy Than Other Flowering Dogwoods
  • Full Sun & Partial/Afternoon Shade
  • Needs Well-Drained Acidic Soil
  • Moderate Regular Moisture
  • Prune When Dormant
  • Good Disease Resistance & Deer Don’t Seem to Like Kousa

Purple Haze Kousa Dogwood will light up your spring, summer, and fall with unusual purple fall color and an easy care nature!

Purple Haze Kousa Dogwood Tree (Cornus kousa ‘Purple Haze’) Details

Common name Purple Haze Kousa Dogwood Tree
Botanical name Cornus kousa 'Purple Haze'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 5-8
Growth rate Medium
Height 15 ft.
Width 15 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time When Dormant
Flower color White