Purple Lantana (Lantana montevidensis)

Purple Lantana


What is Purple Lantana

Get signature clusters of petite blooms with this warm weather evergreen. The Purple Lantana is an abundantly flowering perennial groundcover that will add alluring beauty to your landscape.

The Purple Lantana consistently blooms in warm climates from early summer until fall. Its lovely-scented, lavender flowers will attract your favorite pollinators like butterflies and bees, and its deep green leaves are coarse in texture and slightly hairy, deterring unappealing pests and animals like deer.

The Purple Lantana grows low and spreads rapidly, making it ideal for many different planting needs. The lower branches are woody to provide ample support, while the upper branches are more vibrant and vine-like. Plus, it has great drought tolerance, thriving in high heat.

A superb, low-maintenance groundcover, the Purple Lantana is well-suited for cascading over rock walls or covering unattractive curbs and empty spaces. In containers, it’ll spill over the edges like a lovely lavender waterfall. Plus, it’ll help protect against ground erosion on slopes.

Because we plant, grow, and ship our Purple Lantana plants with care, you can be confident that you’re getting a quality product. Carefully grown and maintained with a superior, well-developed root system, you’ll reap the benefits of a healthy, ready-to-thrive plant as soon as it reaches your door.

No matter where you envision your Purple Lantana, it’ll quickly enhance your landscape.

Purple Lantana (Lantana montevidensis) Lantana montevidensis

How to Grow and Care for Purple Lantana

Purple Lantana (Lantana montevidensis) Growing Requirements

Hardiness zone 4-11 patio / 9-11 outdoors


Plant your Lantana in full sun. Allow enough open air access for pollinators to find it and get to it. If planting in the ground, space approximately 16 inches apart.

Hardy to any soil type, your Lantana can even be planted in an urban environment. It would do well in a container pot, hanging basket, or even along a curb or walkway.


This Lantana is drought tolerant and doesn’t require excessive watering. Watch for any standing water, as this can damage the plant.


This Lantana requires minimal pruning. Simply remove any dead growth as needed.


Fertilizing is not required, but can be done if desired.

Purple Lantana (Lantana montevidensis) Details

Common name Purple Lantana
Botanical name Lantana montevidensis
Plant type Perennials
Hardiness zone 4-11 patio / 9-11 outdoors
Growth rate Fast
Height 8-12 in.
Width 3-6 ft.