Purple Smoketree

  • Botanical Name:Cotinus coggygria atropurpurea
  • Height:8 – 12 Feet
  • Spacing:8 – 10 feet
  • Depth:Dig a hole large enough to spread the roots without bending them. Plant at the same depth as in the nursery. The previous soil line should be evident.
  • Spread:8 – 10 feet
  • Light Required:Full Sun
  • Size:2-3′ Bareroot
  • Zone:6-7
  • Form:Shrub, Flowering Shrub, Tree, Flowering Tree
  • Soil Requirements:Average, well-drained soil. Does not like to be wet. Good drainage is essential.
  • Pruning:Can be pruned into tree form. In early spring, only prune what is absolutely necessary, to ensure as many blooms as possible.
  • Foliage:Deciduous, purple foliage. In fall, foliage will show shades of yellow, orange, and purplish-red.
  • Comments:Known for its whimsical billows of pink and purple smoke that float above its handsome purple foliage, this smoketree will be a standout in the landscape. Plant en masse for a bold statement, add a single plant to use as a focal point, or create an infor
  • Billowy plumes of pink and purple hues
  • Purple foliage
  • Grows 8-12 ft. tall
  • Foliage turns shades of orange and red in fall
  • Plant as specimen or informal hedge

Whether tucked in the garden or landscape, grown as an informal hedge, or planted en masse, this small tree is sure to be a standout. In the summertime, billowy hairs from spent flower clusters create whimsical plumes of pink and purple that appear to float above the rich purple foliage. In the fall, Purple Smoketree ‘s foliage takes on shades of yellow, orange and purplish-red. Grows 8-12 ft. tall with an 8-10 ft. spread. Tolerates dry conditions. Grows best when planted in full sun. Zones 4-8.