Rainbow Knock Out Shrub Rose (Rosa x ‘Radcor’)

Rainbow Knock Out Shrub Rose

If you’d like to establish a pretty landscape that is long on charm, but only takes a short time to maintain, use Rainbow Knock Out® Rose (Rosa x ‘Radcor’). It creates a fantastic sweep of color in no time. The proven performance makes it an outstanding choice for low-maintenance gardens. These compact cuties will grow just about anywhere in the United States!

Rainbow feature single, bicolor blooms that resemble wild Roses. These yellow-centered, pinky, peachy, coral blooms arrive in every shade you can imagine! Cheerfully consistent, Rainbow Knock Out® Roses bloom all throughout the growing season! You’ll be able to count on it to brighten up your landscape from late spring all the way through fall. These showy little Shrub Roses offer wonderful value!

Compact Rainbow Knock Out® Shrub Roses deliver big on style with a never-ending floral display all through the season. You’ll love the spectrum of tones and the abundance of sassy, multi-colored blooms! And it’s not just the blooms that catch your eye. The glossy, dark green foliage starts out as a brilliant, deep burgundy, which provides a delicious visual contrast to the coral petals.

Orange-red Rosehips add their decorative accent once the flowers have gone. Even Rainbow’s semi-glossy foliage provides the garden color. The deep green leaves transform into a burgundy color once again for the autumn landscape! Wonderfully hardy throughout USDA growing zones 4 to 11, there’s little this hardy shrub Rose can’t handle!

Planting and Application:

Use this bushy Rose almost anywhere in the garden. Rainbow Knock Out® Roses seem to glow in the sunlight! Plant them near your patio seating area, and you’ll heighten the scene for family and friends. You’ll enjoy radiant multi-hued bouquets and your pollinators will love the nectar-rich blooms!

Plant in Rock Garden or as a low hedge by spacing plants 3 feet on center. You’ll measure from the center of one to the center of the next. Use this as a perfect modern front yard foundation plant to greet your guests in style. Plan a long, curved sweep or create a mass planting to fill in a wide, sunny spot. Plant them 2 – 3 feet apart in a zig-zagging planting pattern. Mulch between plants and keep them weeded as they fill in.

Plant them in the ground or use them in colorful containers. Use one or use several in a long drift or mass planting for a huge boost of curb appeal. Use several as “Thrillers” in large containers placed along your patio for an easy-breezy summer display. You’ll be able to dress these up and down. Knock Outs® is a forgiving plant that works well with many styles.

For a more modern look, buy multiple of the same terracotta container with a streamlined shape. Or for a fun Boho style, choose a varied collection of glazed containers in a range of blues and purples, with different shapes and sizes that harmonize together.

  • Coral-Pink Single Blooms with Yellow Centers
  • Reblooms All Season Long
  • New Foliage Emerges Deep Burgundy, Ages to Dark Green
  • Burgundy Fall Color & Orange-Red Rosehips in Autumn
  • Wonderful Cut Flower & Rosehips For Dried Décor & More
  • Low Maintenance Shrub Rose
  • Sprays & Clusters of Pollinator-Friendly Flowers
  • Low Accents, Backdrops, Living Mulch, Erosion, Specimen & En Masse

Tips for Care:

Give these Knock Out® Roses a full sun location in soil that drains well. Water enough to maintain consistent soil moisture at first, but once established, Knock Out® Roses are quite self-reliant except during extreme conditions. Feed a good organic fertilizer in early spring, and again in mid-summer. Mulch your plants to 3 to 4 inches deep and spread out 3 feet. This will keep roots cool and maintain surface moisture. This will also help in controlling weeds and provides a nice, uniform look to the garden bed.

You may not need to prune every year, but can easily keep them clipped back by removing the top third of the length of the branches in late winter. Head them back and make your pruning cut right above a swelling bud. Find more info about pruning Roses, winterizing Roses, and un-wintering Roses in spring.

You can also remove the thickest, oldest stems all the way down to the ground. This will rejuvenate your Rainbow! These top performers are a go-to selection for hard-working families. You’ll love the smaller size. Like all Knock Outs®, these are bred for toughness and disease resistance. They won’t give you any trouble in the landscape.

  • Best in Full Sun
  • Moderate Moisture Needs
  • Enriched Well-Drained Soil
  • Disease Resistant to Black Spot
  • Cold Hardy & Heat Tolerant

People across the country are hunting for these easy-care plants.

Rainbow Knock Out Shrub Rose (Rosa x ‘Radcor’) Details

Common name Rainbow Knock Out Shrub Rose
Botanical name Rosa x 'Radcor'
Plant type Deciduous
Hardiness zone 4-11
Growth rate Medium
Harvest time Orange-Red Hips
Height 3 - 4 ft.
Width 3 - 4 ft.
Sunlight Full Sun
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time Early Spring
Flower color Pink/Peach/Coral & Yellow
Leaf color Burgundy New Growth