Rangpur Lime

Unique Rangpur Lime Versatile and Well Loved

  • White and Purple Fragrant Flowers
  • Compact
  • Self-Pollinating
  • Long Fruiting Season

Not quite a lime, not quite a lemon, the Rangpur Lime (Citrus limonia Osbeck ‘Rangpur’) is a unique fruit used in Indian cuisine. This super sour cross between a Mandarin orange and a lemon bursts with flavor.

This selection has set the citrus industry on its toes. A native of India, this zing-filled fruit is a glowing orange color that looks much like an orange and peels and segments the same way as an orange. But the similarities stop there.

Cut into it and you’ll release a sweet floral aroma of honeysuckle; put it to your lips and you’ll taste the extreme sourness of a bitter lemon. That same honeysuckle scent permeates into the Rangpur Lime’s leaves too, which are often used by foodies in cooking.

Use the Rangpur Lime in many of the same recipes that call for a regular lime or lemon. Substitute it for key limes in a classic key lime pie, or squeeze it for limeade with a kick. Each Rangpur Lime easily yields up to 3 tablespoons of juice for adding zippy flavor to pork, fish or international fare.

Growers appreciate the Rangpur Lime’s ornamental look and its heavenly-scented floral blooms that dazzle in a beautiful white and purple show each season.

This tree is highly regarded as a small container plant and can be pruned to size. A self-pollinator, the Rangpur Lime develops its fruit early on in life, so you don’t need to wait long after planting to expect a first harvest.

So, this lime isn’t a lime and isn’t green, – it’s really more of an orange-lemon – but whatever it is, you will absolutely want it in your home this year.