Red Bird Azalea (Rhododendron x ‘Red Bird’)

Red Bird Azalea

The brilliant Red Bird Azalea (Rhododendron x ‘Red Bird’) is a fiery fuchsia flowering spectacle that lights up your early spring landscape with dramatic trusses of blooms over dark green foliage! Held in clusters, the single layer of petals forms gorgeous trumpets of saturated color, each with a frilly, ruffled edge for a delightful early spring display! Every early migratory hummingbird and emerging pollinator will be grateful for the nutritious buffet you’ve provided them!

These broad-leaved evergreen flowering shrubs grow to about 3-6 feet in height and width, filling out densely with handsome deep-green foliage long after the abundant flowers are done. This hybrid Azalea was selected for its drifts of showy blooms and its excellent branching, and you will love having these mid-sized shrubs showing off in your landscape!

Red Bird Azalea bushes are heat and humidity tolerant throughout USDA growing zones 6 to 9, and can be semi-evergreen when planted in cooler hardiness zones, where they may drop interior foliage while holding only some leaves on the branch tips. But Red Bird will regrow full and lush the next spring. In mild winters and chill-free areas, Red Bird is a year-round broad-leaved evergreen!

Planting and Application:

The Red Bird Azalea has a dense growth habit that makes it an excellent choice as a flowering hedge or screen! You’ll love the burst of fuchsia flowers and their ruffled petals welcome the start of the growing season, and brightening shade gardens! Plus, the seclusion the year-round greenery provides throughout the partial sun landscape. A row looks fantastic as a backdrop to other garden beds or dividing your dappled shade front yard from the sidewalk as a privacy buffer.

Create drifts, groupings, and rows of these dramatic flowering shrubs, either as en masse specimen plantings or mixed among other flowering shrubs that bloom throughout the year, giving you a constant floral display all year long. Anchor a garden bed or soften the corner of your home’s foundation with a solitary accent plant for maximum curb appeal!

  • Glorious Frilly, Ruffled Fuchsia Trumpet-Shaped Blooms
  • Abundant Display of Saturated Color
  • Fantastic Dense Branching & Full Mounding Shrubs
  • Semi to Fully Broad-Leaved Evergreen Foliage
  • Attractive To Pollinators & Hummingbirds!
  • Hedges, Screens, En Masse & Early Spring Color Accents!

Tips for Care:

Azalea are members of the Rhododendron family and thrive in shade and moist environments. Provide dappled shade all day, or morning sun and afternoon shade for these plants. Plant in an enriched, slightly-acidic environment with moderately moist well-drained soil. Apply a 3-4 inch thick layer of arborist pine bark mulch, extending out over the entire root system for the best moisture retention. This hybrid Azalea stays compact and tidy on its own, but if you do need to perform any pruning, do so immediately after flowering.

  • Partial Shade
  • Enriched, Slightly Acidic Soil Conditions
  • Regular Moisture Needs
  • Prune Immediately After Flowering
  • Appreciates Mulched Beds

Ruffled blooms and semi-evergreen to evergreen foliage on a low-maintenance ornamental, are ready to enliven your garden!

Red Bird Azalea (Rhododendron x ‘Red Bird’) Details

Common name Red Bird Azalea
Botanical name Rhododendron x 'Red Bird'
Plant type Broad-Leaved Evergreen
Hardiness zone 6-9
Growth rate Medium
Height 3 - 6 ft.
Width 3 - 6 ft.
Sunlight Partial Shade
Moisture Medium
Soil condition Well Drained Soil
Pollinator-friendly Yes
Pruning time After Flowering
Flower color Red