Red Head Fountain Grass

Long-Lasting Redhead Fountain Grass

  • Early-Flowering, Dramatic Plumes
  • Ravishing Mauve Coloration
  • Dense-Clumping Fountain Form

The Redhead Fountain Grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Redhead’) makes the argument that maybe it’s redheads who have more fun. This delightful and dramatic ornamental grass is extravagantly playful and pretty!

Unlike some other grasses, this one produces 5-inch long soft plumes that tickle the air as they bob and sway in the wind. These majestic plumes appear in mid to late summer long before other grasses send up their flowers. And these plumes truly draw attention with their red-violet coloration. And the fun of these puffy, fluffy plumes lasts into summer and fall. In fact, these dynamic plumes transform from their deep reddish-purple to an ethereal silver in fall and remain present through winter.

While these showy plumes give you a lot to write home about, the foliage and form of Redhead Fountain Grass are also quite remarkable. This grass has fine-textured foliage with a lovely yellow-green hue that turns golden as the winter weather arrives. And the Redhead Fountain Grass’s form exemplifies that classic fountain form and keeps this form throughout its life. Its narrow leaves shoot toward the sky then gracefully arch toward the ground.

This fast-growing grass thrives in heat, drought, humidity, and intense sun. It’s easy to grow and deer resistant. Just provide your Redhead Fountain Grass with full sun or partial shade and water it deeply as it becomes established.

Use your Redhead Fountain Grass as a back border or a thriller-accent. Its medium green foliage and unique plumes make it a great specimen deserving of attention.